Dactylis Glomerata

Dactylis Glomerata

For information on the plant Cocksfoot, please refer to Dactylis glomerata.

Dactylis Glomerata is an album by Doom Metal band Candlemass, released in 1998. This album features guitarist Michael Amott on lead guitar

Track listing

  1. "Wiz" – 4:06
  2. "I Still See the Black" – 6:19
  3. "Dustflow" – 9:24
  4. "Cylinder" – 1:23
  5. "Karthago" – 6:38
  6. "Abstract Sun" – 6:41
  7. "Apathy" – 4:07
  8. "Lidocain God" – 3:32
  9. "Molotov" – 1:31


  • Björn Flodkvist (Vocals)
  • Carl Westholm (Keyboards)
  • Jejo Perkovic (Drums)
  • Leif Edling (Bass)
  • Michael Amott (Guitar)

Ulf Edelönn: Guitars on "I Still See The Black" Ian Haugland: Drums on "I Still The Black" And "Wiz" Patrik Instedt: Guitar On "Dustflow", "Abstract Sun" And "Lidocain God" Måns P. Månsson: Korg Synthesizer and Thermin on "Dustflow" Adam Axelsson: Claypot and Hare Krishna Stuff on "Apathy" Jan Hellman: Distorted Electric Upright Bass on "Karthago"

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