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Cluedo DVD Game

Cluedo DVD Game, created in 2005, is a version of the board game Cluedo. The game is a DVD game and has many different rules compared with standard Cluedo.


Dr Black has invited some guests to Tudor Mansion, one of which has stolen something belonging to Dr Black. The player who wins the game is the first to figure out:

  • Which suspect was the thief?
  • Which item was stolen?
  • From which location was the item stolen?
  • At what time did the theft occur?

Inspector Brown and Ashe the Butler join the players in Tudor Mansion and give clues, hints and facts to the players.

The Locations

The locations from which the item may have been stolen are (11):

  • Hall
  • Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Ballroom
  • Conservatory
  • Billiard Room
  • Library
  • Study
  • Rose Garden
  • Fountain

The Times

The times of day during which the item might have been stolen are (10):

  • Dawn
  • Breakfast
  • Late Morning
  • Lunch
  • Early Afternoon
  • Tea Time
  • Dusk
  • Dinner
  • Night
  • Midnight

The Items

The items which may have been stolen are (11):

  • Telescope
  • Revolver
  • Rare Book
  • Wallet
  • Gold Pen
  • Letter Opener
  • Crystal Paperweight
  • Medal
  • Pocket Watch
  • Jade Hairpin
  • Scarab Brooch




From the deck of cards, containing suspects, locations, times and items, four cards (one of each type) are removed and placed inside the case file envelope using the DVD and red magnifying glass. These cards are the answer to the case. The remaining 10 item cards are placed on the Butler's Pantry. All remaining cards are shuffled and dealt evenly among the players. Cards which cannot be dealt evenly are placed face up in the Evidence Room in the centre of the board. Players now mark off all cards in their hand on their notepad, as they know that these cards cannot possibly be in the envelope. Players must not show any other player any of their cards except during a suggestion. Any cards face up in the Evidence Room are public knowledge and can also be checked off by all players. On a player's turn, the player always moves to an adjacent location (one connected by a walkway or secret passage) and then does one of the following:

Make a suggestion (any location except the Evidence Room)

The player names three details of the case that they think might make up the solution e.g. a suspect, location and item but not a time. It is up to the player which 3 details to suggest. However, if a location is named, it must be the location that the player is currently at.

After the suggestion is made, the player on the left of the player who made the suggestion must look through his cards and see if he/she has any of the cards suggested. If he does, he must choose one of these cards and show it to the player who made the suggestion. If he does not have any of these cards, the next player on the left must search his cards and show one. This continues until one card has been shown at which point this stops and the player who made the suggestion's turn ends. The player can mark off the card shown on his notepad.

Summon the Butler (any location except the Evidence Room)

After a while, summoning the Butler becomes possible. On a player's turn, Summon the Butler is selected on the DVD. All players listen to what the Butler says and can write down anything they think may be helpful. The player must then take the top card from the Butler's Pantry and add it to their hand, and without showing it to anyone, mark it off on their notepad D.

Look at an item card (only in a location with a face down card)

Occasionally, Inspector Brown will instruct the players to take the top card from the Butler's Pantry and place it face down in a location. Later, if a player moves into a location containing a face down card they can choose Look at an Item Card on the DVD and a challenge will follow. If the player successfully completes the challenge, they may secretly look at the card, replace it face down in the location, and mark it off on their notepad. If they fail the challenge, they may not look at the card and must move out of the room on their next turn.

Read a note (any location except the Evidence Room)

Periodically, Inspector Brown writes down notes. A player can choose Read an Inspector's Note from the DVD on their turn. A secret code will be displayed on screen. Using the red magnifying glass, the player can see a number, which they look up in the back of the instruction manual. They read the corresponding note and write it down.

Making an accusation (only in the Evidence Room)

If a player moves into the Evidence Room, they must make an accusation: this is their only choice. Make an Accusation to the Inspector is selected on the DVD and using the magnifying glass, what the player believes is the solution to the case is entered.

Inspector Brown then tells the player how many of the details they got right. If they got all four correct, they win the game. If they got some or all wrong they must turn in one item card to the Evidence Room for every detail they got wrong. If they do not have enough cards they are out of the game.

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