The DSLink is a 1st generation storage device used to run Nintendo DS homebrew. It allows the running Nintendo DS games and programs created by unofficial developers. It also allows the running of Nintendo DS game ROMs.

Software Used With The Hardware

The product comes with a Windows-based program, known as a 'patcher', that will patch game images and other software to make it compatible with the DSLink. The software also generates and copies over support files the DSLink needs to generate the menus, saver files, etc. It will also convert saver files from other similar devices and makes them compatible with the DSLink.

It's a long time since last update. DSLink is dead.


  • 1st generation Slot 1 storage device
  • Uses TransFlash (aka MicroSD)
  • 4M built in saver memory (no battery is used)
  • Supports Moonshell (media player)
  • Supports GBA game linking
  • NoPassMe function, FlashMe V7x required!

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