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dress: see costume.
Dress-Up is a game played mainly by girls. It involves dressing up, usually to impersonate someone. The type of clothes they dress up in often resembles who they are trying to be, either adults' clothing or special play clothes designed specifically for dress-up like feather boas and jewelry. It is popular as it introduces children to fashion and important as it introduces children to careers and lifestyles. It is said to help children strengthen their imagination and helps with learning, since it's a form a make-believe and role-playing. Make-up may be worn while playing this game. The game is most popular among girls, usually from ages 2-8.

Types of games

Here's a brief list of the things children play when they engage in dress-up:

Internet games

In the mid-to-late 1990s websites began creating interactive virtual 'Dress Up Games' in which a person can drag and drop clothes onto a paper doll-like image. As with Paper dolls, the virtual dolls can be based on actual people. Several websites provide a directory of dress-up games and are updated regularly to list the new games that appear online.

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