Dofus is a Flash based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Ankama Games, a French computer game manufacturer. During the beta, while the game was still in development the game was free-to-play (f2p). It is now primarily a Pay to Play, but it still also offers a limited amount of free content. Dofus is set in the world of Amakna (which is Ankama spelled backwards). Its success has led to the marketing of spin-off products, like books, art books and comics, and with the development of two continuations: Dofus Arena, released at the beginning of 2006, is an alternative "tournament" version of Dofus; and Wakfu which is currently in the process of closed beta testing. As the Dofus community continued to grow, new areas and add-ons are added. The developers continually add new content as well as balance items/classes.

The game has attracted nearly three million players worldwide and is especially well-known in France.

Character Classes

There are 12 character classes, each one affiliated with a divinity at the origin of its name and its powers. Each class has its own spells and features according to the weapon used.


Each character can choose up to 3 normal professions and may choose to specialise in those 3 profession further. There are two categories of professions: collecting and crafting.

Collecting professions involve players going out into the wilderness collecting natural resources, such as wood and flowers. The crafting professions involve the player using different items, possibly resources collected from collecting professions, to make a vast array of different items. There is the only one profession that combines both aspects of professions, and that is Alchemist.

A trade goes from level 1 to 100. As players gain levels new skills are gained. In crafting professions players upon reaching certain levels players increase the number of ingredients (slots) that can be used. In the harvesting professions upon reaching certain levels the player gains access to new resources in addition to increased number of ingredients (slots) that can be used.

Players are able to learn up to three professions, but a new profession cannot be learned until existing professions are level 30 or higher. Lastly, crafting professions gain access to a special "magus" specialization at level 65. The magus specialization allows a crafter to modify the characteristics of the objects using smithmagic runes and potions.


The alignment system makes it possible to participate in the eternal war between the cities of Bonta, and Brakmar. It makes it possible for characters to benefit from advantages, such as the ability to wear a shield, the ability to enter areas exclusive to characters of a certain alignment, and the ability to access the resources available in their own city. Since an update at the end of 2007, a territorial conquest system was created, allowing every zone to be controlled by one alignment. Players from the current alignment of the area can benefit from increased drops and experience in that area. The bonuses are determined by which alignment has the most areas, the one with the most gaining less. There is a third alignment, the Mercenary alignment, that is an exclusively role playing alignment, that has the ability to carry out contracts assigned by other players. This last alignment is governed by players and not by NPC characters.This last alignment is only available at one server in french server's.


For a collaborative aspect, the characters of all races, any levels and any alignment can associate to form guilds. That makes it possible for the members to speak with each other, coordinate events, place Perceptors, and more. A perceptor is a special NPC that is created by a member of a guild. The perceptor has the ability to collect items from fights that occur on the same map.

The creation of a guild is integrated into the universe of the game. It requires a guildalogem, an item which can be dropped by any monster, rarely. Guilds can be geared towards player versus player combat, territorial conquest, socialization, or anything else.


Dofus is filled with magical places that people live on. Only few monsters could be found in different kind of places.These places are filled with wide variety of monsters that you could battle.But for one thing there's places that few could only go and these will be a problems. There's place that only specific characters could go.


Dungeons are places that certain monsters live in some dungeons you need the key of that dungeon to enter and there's specicfic meets for you to go in a specific dungeon. After and end of a dungeon there will be a boss. These bosses are only in this places and you could only find them in here.


Since its release, Dofus has seen more than 4 million accounts created, including 30% of subscribers from its release, distributed between 33 servers (including 23 French-speaking , 3 international, 1 United Kingdom/Ireland, 3 Spanish, 1 German, 1 Italian and 1 Brazilian/Portuguese).

Accounts are separated into two categories, free-to-play and pay-to-play. The game has included a zone accessible to free-to-play accounts since the end of 2005. Free accounts have access to the new player zone of Incarnum and access to the city of Astrub and its outlying areas, making it possible for a new player to enjoy the game play, unbounded by time restrictions. Access to the entire persistent world of Dofus -- including access to other cities, participating in factional player vs. player battles, being able to raise tradeskills above 30, and being able to challenge monster groups higher than level 20 -- requires a monthly fee, with discounts given for longer terms.

Methods to pay for an account include Paypal, credit card, Pay by Cash, Audiotel phone codes, and gift codes. Subscriptions to Dofus are not able to be set up for recurring billing, so one must go through the payment process each time they wish to extend a pay-to-play account.

Critical Reception

Dofus has received international gaming awards including the Bytten Ernie Award for Best Graphics And Concept Art in 2007 and the Audience Award at the Independent Game Festival in 2006.

  • Prize of the best game and Prize of the Public at the Flash festival in France in May 2004.
  • Game of the month by the Edge Magazine in July 2005.
  • Prize of the best game and Price of the public in Flashforward Film Festival of Seattle in February 2006.
  • Prize of the public at the Independent Ranges Festival of San Jose in March 2006.
  • Very favorite Prize Media Youth decreed by the League of Teaching in November 2006.


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