DNSmanager is a Web Control Panel that allows to manage slave domain name servers through an easy web interface. The panel can be integrated with ISPmanager and VDSmanager as well as used as an independent product for DNS-server management. The Control Panel is developed by ISPsystem Company in 2002. Its latest version is available as demo. DNSmanager can be used as a slave name server supporting an unlimited number of master DNS servers and domain zones. DNSmanager operation principle

A slave name server functions as a backup to the master server, should the master be unreachable or down. Create a user in DNSmanager, specify its name in ISPmanager control panel on a master server, and then all the data stored on the master server will be copied on the slave DNS server automatically. User can also use DNSmanager to create and manage domains.

Operating systems support DNSmanager supports any operating system of Unix family (FreeBSD, Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo, SUSE). You must perform a number of configuration changes to the BIND DNS server to support DNSmanager.

Main features

  • There are three (Administrator, Reseller,User) login levels in DNSmanager with each level having its appropriate roles and responsibilities. DNSmanager Admin has complete control over all the users’ accounts and domains.
  • Slave name server of every user with unique names space has an IP-address. Administrator can list IP-addresses and then assign them to such slave name servers.
  • Current activity You can view system users current work sessions and enforce any of the sessions close.
  • DNSmanager is available in many languages and themes
  • Acting log - Administrator can view the control panel functions calls information, find out all the actions made by a user and his IP-address.
  • DNSmanager has plug-ins and an open Application Programming Interface (API) that has been utilized to integrate and deploy new services
  • DNSmanager has unlimited abilities for functionality enhancement and integration with other software, for example, with accounting and billing systems.
  • Auto-updating system provides clients with the latest versions

DNSmanager advantages

DNSmanager allows users to host slave DNS servers on hosting providers’ servers by simple filing a single form in the Net. Analogous products are phpDNS, smbind, Webmin. Webmin is a browser-based server administration tool which simplifies many of the tasks involved in DNS servers, users, and various services management. DNSmanager is a module for Apache Web Server.

DNSmanager disadvantages

DNSmanager was developed for Slavename servers only. That means that to use this control panel, user will need a master DNS server. ISPmanager installed on the master server will set up DNSmanager automatically. (Note: ISPmanager panel does not control DNS zone records)

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