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DMX (music)

DMX (formerly known as DMX Music) provides audio, visual, and sensory environmental engineering for corporate style retail establishments. Among the services include licensed business audio, video, and aromatic brand identities.

DMX Inc., previously known as DMX MUSIC, uses sight, sound and science as building blocks to create brand experiences for commercial environments. The company’s services include original artist music, full motion video, audio messages, and environmental scents that provide brand texture for its customers and create integrated, multi-sensory environments. DMX also provides music for cable television networks worldwide.

In one form or another, DMX has been in business for more than 35 years. The company first came onto the scene in 1971 under the name AEI Music. As the first music service to license and program original artist music, DMX’s primary focus was custom music programs for domestic and international customers. In the 1980s, the company began providing services to international airlines, as well as residential and cable television systems. DMX was among the first to offer music via satellite and in 1995, opened operations in a number of international markets including the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

The company’s on-site digital system “ConFusion” was launched in 2001 with the purpose of delivering and playing back high-quality digital music to places around the world. Four years later, DMX released ProFusion M5, its first digital platform that controls both video and music content. Most recently, the company began offering scent marketing as another service for customers.


Muzak Holdings merger

DMX has applied to merge with Fort Mill, South Carolina competitor Muzak Holdings LLC, with the resultant combined entity sold to a third-party buyer. The United States Department of Justice has issued a second request for information on the merger.


DMX Music

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