Dink may refer to:



  • A small auxiliary boat affixed to a sailboat, also known as a dinghy.
  • Dinky Toy, an early manufacturer of small, die-cast toy cars. This is now sometimes genericized into the reference "Dink" referring to Hot Wheels and other brands of similar toy cars.
  • Dink (band), an American industrial rock band.

In fiction


  • D.I.N.K: Dual Income No Kids, a financial term used for couples with no kids.
  • A 'jerk' or 'goof'
  • A euphemism for being delinquent on training.
  • A hypocorism for the given name Dennis.
  • A term used to mean "Mess With" as in "I'm going to dink with that until it works". Along similar lines, in computer science, to increment or decrement a counter. "In counting from 4 to 6, it dinks the counter two times".
  • An onomatopoeia for the sound when a golf ball goes in the hole.
  • A ride given to someone on a pushbike.
  • Military slang for a recruit in training, "Desperately In Need of Knowledge"
  • In Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source, a dink refers to taking damage from a headshot but not dying. It is called a dink because of the sound it makes when the player is shot in the head with a helmet (It makes a sound similar to saying "Dink").
  • Term used for penis

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