HMS Daring (D05)

HMS Daring was the nameship of the Daring class of destroyers authorised in 1944. Between 1953 and 1957 they were reclasified as 'Darings' and not included in the destroyer total, but from October 1957 they reverted to classification as destroyers.

Daring was built by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson on the Tyne and engined by the Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Company. She was laid down on 29 September 1945; launched on 10 August 1949; and completed on 8 March 1952. She was the sixth ship of her name in the Royal Navy.

After commissioning, Daring served with the Mediterranean Fleet and Home Fleet, and took part in rescue operations following the earthquakes in Greece, and the Eastern Mediterranean operations in 1956 after the Egyptian seizure of the Suez Canal.

Armament originally consisted of six 4.5 inch guns, six 40 mm AA guns, then 21 in. torpedo tubes (five of which were removed in 1958 - 1959) and one Squid triple-barrelled depth-charge mortar. Power was provided by Parsons steam turbines giving 54,000 shp and a maximum sea speed of 30.5 knots. Three 6RPHZ Paxman's generators provided electrical supplies.

Commanding Officers

From To Captain
8 March 1952 18 August 1952 Capt Vernon John St. Clair-Ford MBE RN (died in command)
? 1952 ? 1952 Capt E Hale RN
? 1952 ? 1952 Cdr J L Rathbone DSC RN
October 1952 25 February 1954 Capt P D Gick OBE DSC* RN
25 February 1954 August 1954 Captain E A Blundell OBE RN
November 1956 October 1958 ? (Third Commission)
20 January 1959 December 1960 Capt C P Mills CBE DSC RN
December 1960 April 1963 In Reserve
April 1963 December 1966 Refit (Devonport)
February 1966 9 October 1968 Cdr J de B Suchlick RN


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