Dąbrowski, Jan Henryk, 1755-1818, Polish general. He distinguished himself in the insurrection led by Kosciusko in 1794. After its failure he went to France and organized (1797) a Polish legion, which he commanded in Napoleon's Italian campaign. In 1806, Napoleon had him recruit an army in Poland, and he subsequently distinguished himself in Napoleon's campaigns against Prussia, Austria, and Russia. Returning to Poland in 1813, Dąbrowski entered the service of Czar Alexander I and began to organize the new Polish army. He retired in 1816. His name is sometimes spelled Dombrowski.
Dąbrowski (feminine: Dąbrowska, plural Dąbrowscy) or Dabrowski is the 11th most common surname in Poland around 2000 (86,132 people);; this is down from an apparent rank of 4th in 1990. Dabrowski is a habitational name derived from the placename Dąbrowa or Dąbrówka, which is used for several specific places in Poland or generically as "oak grove", the English meaning for these Polish words. The surname Dobrowski is a variant of Dabrowski, and Dobrosky is a transitive variant. Dobrowski also has an independent origin as a habitational name derived from the placename Dobrów. The text-figure below summarizes the relationships among these various words.

Frequency information

The table below contains available information on the frequency of the Dąbrowski surname and variants in various countries across a span of years.

Detection of surname variant by country (blank = no data; green background = high frequency)
Country Dąbrow(ski/ska/scy) Dabrowski Dobrowski Dobrosky
Australia 2002: 32.2 per million
Canada 1998: 37.4 per million
France c.2007: undetectable c.2007: Rank=10,628; 817 c.2007: undetectable
New Zealand 2002: 6.57 per million
Northern Ireland 2003: undetectable
Poland 1990: Rank=4; 92,945.
c.2000: Rank=11; 86,132.
1990: 131 1990: 18 1990: undectable
Republic of Ireland 2003: undetectable
Scotland undetectable
Sweden 1998–2007: undetectable
United Kingdom 1881: undetectable
1998: undetectable
1881: undetectable
1998: 6 per million; Rank = 15,037
1881: undetectable
1998: undetectable
United States 1990: undetectable 1990: Rank=10,244; 0.001%
1998: 17.2 per million
1990: Rank=64,522 1990: Rank=73,494

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