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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a Hanna-Barbera American animated series created by Christian Tremblay and Yvon Tremblay. Story Editor Glenn Leopold and Producer Davis Doi developed the show for television. Every episode of the series was directed by Robert Alvarez. The bulk of the series was written by either Glenn Leopold (13 episodes) or Lance Falk (6 episodes). Jim Stenstrum contributed two episodes, while David Ehrman, Von Williams, Eric Clark (with Lance Falk), Mark Saraceni and Jim Katz all contributed one episode. The show ran in syndication from 1993 to 1995, when it was cancelled. There were a total of twenty-five finished episodes and a special episode, that features a report on the SWAT Kats and of all their missions and gadgets as well as three unfinished episodes and two episodes still in the concept stage.

The show was based in the fictional metropolis of Megakat City, which is populated entirely by anthropomorphic felines, known as "kats".


Chance "T-Bone" Furlong and Jake "Razor" Clawson were members of Megakat City's (their version of New York City, NY) paramilitary law enforcement agency, known as the Enforcers. While in pursuit of Dark Kat, one of the main arch-villains of the series, the two rebelled against Enforcer Commander Feral's orders to fall back and leave Dark Kat to him. When they objected, citing their already-acquired target lock, Commander Feral used his jet to slap their wing, sending Chance and Jake's jet crashing into Enforcer headquarters and allowing Dark Kat to get away. In his anger, Feral discharged Chance and Jake from the Enforcers and reassigned them to work at a city salvage yard to pay for the damage to the Enforcer Headquarters.

Using discarded military parts and weapons from the salvage yard, Chance and Jake built themselves a three-engine jet fighter called the Turbokat (resembling several different aircraft, most notably the Grumman F-14 and the Saab Draken), along with a handful of other vehicles (including the Cyclotron, a motorcycle built into the jet; the Turbo Mole, a subterranean vehicle used to drill underground; the Hoverkat, a militarized hovercraft and the Thunder Truck, a militarized Jeep modified from their tow truck). All this is stored in a secret hangar below the yard.

They now patrol Megakat City as the SWAT Kats, defending it against any kind of menace that threatens the city. Their enemies include the criminal mastermind Dark Kat; the undead sorcerer the Pastmaster; the mutant evil genius Doctor Viper; and the robotic gangsters the Metallikats. The SWAT Kats also faced many villains-of-the-week, such as Madkat and Volcanus (see Characters below).

T-Bone and Razor keep their identities secret from everyone, even from the deputy Mayor Callie Briggs (who is, ironically, a character more important than the mayor himself). Their methods do not endear them to Commander Feral, and the series often has the three clash.

SWAT Kats briefly returned to Cartoon Network on February 13, 2006, airing on Cartoon Network at 2:30 PM Eastern, with several of the season 1 episodes, broadcasting at a random order. One week later, Swat Kats was replaced by Ozzy & Drix in the 2:30 time slot on February 21, 2006. SWAT Kats is not currently listed on Cartoon Network's official schedule, but can now be seen on Cartoon Network's sister channel Boomerang at 12:30 AM EST/ 9:30PM PST. The show has not yet been released on DVD, although select episodes of the show were released on VHS in NTSC format. Since the early days of eBay, VHS copies of the entire series (recorded from television) have sold for considerable amounts.

Remco produced a line of action figures in 1994 which included T-Bone, Razor, Dr. Viper and Dark Kat (who looks nothing like the Dark Kat from the show). They can be seen here Other products were produced including a Super Nintendo game, a handheld game, posters and fast food tie-ins at Carls Jr. and White Castle. They can all be seen here



  • Chance Furlong (alias: T-Bone) (Charlie Adler) - The larger member of the SWAT Kats and pilot of the Turbokat jet. T-Bone is one of the best pilots in the SWAT Kat universe, as seen in Cry Turmoil. He loves aerial warfare history, as seen in The Ghost Pilot, and Scaredy Kat cartoons. It was revealed in The Ci-Kat-A that he has a strong dislike of bugs that he eventually overcomes. In Mutation City, it was revealed that he is unable to swim though later in the episode he learns and rescues an unconscious Razor from drowning. He is very protective of his partner and the Turbokat and gets extremely upset if anything happens to either. He had a huge crush on Callie Briggs but never got any attention and soon starts liking Lieutenant Felina Feral, Commander Feral's niece.
  • Jake Clawson (alias: Razor) (Barry Gordon) - The smaller member of the SWAT Kats who is a mechanical genius. He designs the various gadgets and advanced weaponry used in the Turbokat and he serves as the radar interceptor and weapons control officer in the Turbokat. He is the more sensible one out of the two kats. He loves the late night show with David Litterbin (a pun on David Letterman).
  • Commander Ulysses Feral (Gary Owens) - Head of the Enforcers and has a strong and obvious dislike for the SWAT Kats, who he considers "reckless vigilantes". He has worked with the SWAT Kats when the situation calls for it, such as in Katastrophe and A Bright and Shiny Future, but often says "The Enforcers will handle this" & "Get me chopper back-up!" The SWAT Kats themselves hold him in contempt since, while they themselves were Enforcers, he fired them for their reckless flying. Callie herself thinks more of the SWAT Kats than Feral, but it could be said that he is a lot bolder and efficient than they give him credit for.
  • Lieutenant Felina Feral (Lori Alan) - Commander Ulysses Feral's niece (being Feral's brother's daughter) first appeared in season 2's Mutation City as a new female heroine. Being something of a reckless hothead herself, she appreciates the help of the SWAT Kats, unlike her uncle, and will work openly with them. Out of the two of them, she seems to like T-Bone the best. Feral himself faces something of a dilemma over her: trying to keep her out of danger but not show any favorable treatment. She is also a very skilled pilot, as seen in When Mutilor Strikes and Cry Turmoil. She won't take "No" for an answer, a fact to which Razor once remarked, "You sure are one stubborn she-kat!"


  • Calico "Callie" Briggs (Tress MacNeille) - Deputy Mayor of Megakat City and the one who does the real work of City Hall. The SWAT Kats' biggest supporter, she has a radio communicator which enables her to call them directly when danger threatens the city. Although she does not know who they are, Callie usually trusts her life to the SWAT Kats if that's the case. In The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats, in a parallel universe she is an evil ally of Dark Kat; in Bride of the Pastmaster her ancestor was Queen of the medieval kingdom of "Megalith City". Though T-Bone has a crush on her, she has a crush on Razor (more evident in the fact that even her ancestor seemed to favor Razor over T-Bone). Her name is a pun on Calico cat breed.
  • Mayor Manx (Jim Cummings) - Mayor of Megakat City for 10 terms. He spends nearly all of his time working on his golf game, as Callie has stated "he hasn't done an ounce of paperwork in years!" He also tries to rent out Megakat Towers to investors (a first season running gag had the building constantly being ruined in Destructive Nature and The Ci-Kat-A). He is descended from a famous and brave fighter pilot named the Blue Manx who is the sworn enemy of the Red Lynx, as revealed in The Ghost Pilot. In contrast to his ancestor, Mayor Manx is a coward who usually runs and hides whenever danger arises, but he did act bravely and shot down the ghost of the Red Lynx in the same episode – only after Razor goaded him into action on the grounds that he would not be re-elected if he did not fight back.
  • Enforcer Sgt. (Jim Cummings) - Feral's unofficial second-in-command who is actually competent, but is largely unseen in season 2. He normally says nothing more than "Yes, sir!" in response to Feral's commands and has won the award for Most Patriotic Enforcer.
  • Ann Gora (Candi Milo) - The star reporter for Kats Eye News. She is usually on the scene whenever the SWAT Kats are in action, and has been rescued by the SWAT Kats in The Ci-Kat-A and Caverns of Horror. Besides the Deputy Mayor Briggs, Ann has also warned the SWAT Kats a few times of dangerous situations. Her name is a pun on the cat breed angora, or Turkish Angora.
  • Lt. Commander Steele (Hal Rayle) - Feral's official second-in-command. He wants to be in charge of the Enforcers but is utterly incompetent and only wants the power that comes with the job, not the responsibility. In both The Wrath of Dark Kat and Enter the Madkat he is shown to be a coward who will let Feral stay in danger just to get his job. He disappears after season 1, implying that he was replaced by Lieutenant Felina Feral.
  • Jonny K. (Mark Hamill) - Ann Gora's cameraman, who often cares about Ann's safety, whenever she gets herself in danger. He doesn't talk very much and is seen always wearing sunglasses and a red baseball cap. His largest role was in The Ci-Kat-A and Caverns of Horror, where he helped the Swat Kats, along with his partner, Ann Gora.
  • Dr. Abby Sinian (Linda Gary) - Curator of the Megakat City Museum of History. She helped the SWAT Kats defeat a number of villains by giving them detailed information about their weaknesses, most notably the Pastmaster and the ghost of Red Lynx. Her name is a pun on the Abyssinian cat breed.
  • Dr. Lieter Greenbox (Robert Patrick/Nick Chinlund) - Dr. Greenbox is the scientist and creator of the diamond mining "Gemkat 6000" in Chaos in Crystal that turns Rex Shard into a crystal colossus, and also of the "micro-brain repair unit" (aka "Zed") in Unlikely Alloys, where he temporarily becomes insane when he fused himself with his creation.
  • Professor Hackle (George Heam) - Professor Hackle is the one who built the robot bodies of Mac and Molly Mange, and transplanted their brains into them. He spent his life as a military weapons researcher for Pumadyne (creating the Metallikats' hovercraft, as well as two giant "Macrobots", the centerpieces of Metal Urgency), but renounced his profession and turned to the civilian sector. In The Deadly Pyramid, he created Cybertron, a friendly and very brave little robot to help the SWAT Kats.
  • David Litterbin (John Bryner) - Litterbin is the undisputed "King of Late Night" and host of The David Litterbin Show. Razor is his biggest fan and he is seen on television numerous times. He actually appears in Enter the Madkat, where he is believed to have descended from the jester responsible for making Madkat insane, as years later, he won the title for "King of Late Night," making Lenny Ringtail insane.
  • Captain Grimalken (Michael Bell) - Featured only in When Mutilor Strikes, he is a blue-furred, elderly cat alien who leads the Aquian tribe seeking peace with Earth. His ship is stolen by Mutilor and later recovered by the SWAT Kats and Lt. Felina Feral. As a thank you, he uses some of his "high-speed space technology" to rebuild and upgrade the Turbokat that was damaged by Mutilor in his escape attempt.
  • Fango (Charles Adler) - A catnip smuggler injured by the fire caused by the exploding cigar Mac Mange tossed after he and Molly killed mob boss Katscratch for his betrayal. Fango later reports to Commander Feral everything that happened, and is rewarded for his deed.


  • Dark Kat (Brock Peters) - Dark Kat is the main arch-enemy of the SWAT Kats. He is very large, intelligent and evil; Dark Kat wants to destroy Megakat City to create a new lawless town called "Dark Kat City". Being highly intelligent and calculating, Dark Kat often anticipates his foes' actions with great accuracy, and it is a recurring theme throughout the series that all of his hideouts are rigged with explosives. He is served by small pink bat-like creatures called Creeplings, extremely vicious creatures who appear to be protected from radiation. He first appeared in The Wrath of Dark Kat. His attempt to bomb the Enforcer headquarters indirectly lead to Chance and Jake's fallout with the Enforcers and the birth of the SWAT Kats, a fact Commander Feral has taken to heart.
  • Dr. Viper (Frank Welker) - Dr. Elrod Purvis, who worked at Megakat Biochemical Labs, tried to steal an experimental regenerative formula he and Dr. N. Zyme were developing. He became covered in the formula and the shock ultimately killed him, but the chemicals revived him from death, mutating Purvis into a snake-like creature. With knowledge in the fields of biology, genetics and robotics, he seeks to turn Megakat City into Mutation City, where he will reign as its absolute ruler. He is similar to the Spider-Man villain, The Lizard. He first appeared in The Giant Bacteria.
  • Mac Mange (Neil Ross) - One-half of the husband-and-wife criminal team, the Metallikats. He drowned while attempting to escape from Alkatraz prison with his wife Molly. His mind was placed in that of a robot by Professor Hackle. He was supposed to be a robot-chauffeur (though ironically, he is a terrible driver), but instead remained a criminal. He often bickers with his wife but will come to her aid when she is in trouble. He is the "muscle" of the team, as he is not very smart. He first appeared in The Metallikats.
  • Molly Mange (April Winchell) - The other half of the husband-and-wife criminal team, the Metallikats. She went through the same process as her husband, but her fate was to be a robot-maid. She usually insults her husband about his driving skills but will help him when he needs it. She is considered to be the "brains" of the team. She first appeared in The Metallikats.
  • Pastmaster (Keene Curtis) - A very short sorcerer from the Dark Ages who tried to conquer his home city. He travels through time using his magical mechanical pocket watch, and with his magical book, The Tome of Time, he's able to bring back extinct or mythical creatures, such as dinosaurs and dragons, although the tome was destroyed in his first appearance. Seeks to transport Megakat City back to the Middle Ages. He was supposedly killed in The Deadly Pyramid. He first appeared in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice.

In A bright and shiny future the SWAT Kats were drawn into a future where the Metallikats together with the Pastmaster had created a Terminator-inspired future where machines ruled over katkind.

  • Dr. Harley Street (Robert Ridgely) - A brilliant astronomer who was bitten by an alien creature, and later mutated into one himself. Dr. Street tried to help the alien queen to achieve its full power by letting her eat the radioactive material from Megakat Nuclear Power Plant. He was supposedly killed when he was thrown out of the Megakat Tower. He only appeared in The Ci-Kat-A, but was supposed to appear in the unfinished episode Doctors of Doom.
  • Madkat (Roddy McDowall) - Ages ago, Madkat was an insane and powerful court jester who was replaced. He sought revenge on the jester who replaced him and the knight, queen and king who imprisoned him in a jack-in-a-box. Centuries later, once brilliant comedian turned asylum patient Lenny Ringtail escapes and fuses with the jester's spirit. Together they take revenge upon those who symbolized the ones' who imprisoned Madkat. After T-Bone destroys Madkat by hitting his weak spot, Ringtail's sanity and career were restored, although interrupted by Ringtail's appearance on the David Litterbin show and his book, "Madkat and Me." He only appeared in Enter the Madkat.
  • Hard Drive (Rob Paulsen) - Hard Drive is a technological thief who generally dons his “Surge Coat” when working. This coat gives him a number of abilities focused around electricity and electronics, as the name suggests. Primarily seen is his ability to transform himself into electrical energy, thus allowing him to travel through power, telephone, and computer lines. Aside from this he appears to be able to manipulate electronic devices with a simple jolt of electricity from his fingertip and download and delete data quickly with a “plug” on his coat. He works for whoever pays him the most. His first appearance was in Night of the Dark Kat.
  • Rex Shard (John Vernon) - A convict sentenced to life in prison, who was accidentally exposed to the radiation of an experimental diamond mining machine created by Dr. Greenbox. He turned into a crystal colossus and had the ability to turn anything he touched into crystal. He was stopped by the SWAT Kats, reverted back to normal and was sent back to prison. He only appeared in Chaos in Crystal, but was supposed to appear in the proposed 3rd season episode Cold War.
  • Red Lynx (Mark Hamill) - The ghost of a Mega War II flying ace who pilots a red biplane, (he is a parody of the Red Baron). T-Bone says he learned a lot about dogfighting from studying the Red Lynx's maneuvers. The Red Lynx stole a prototype plane from the Enforcers and tried to kill Mayor Manx, who was the descendant of his greatest opponent, the Blue Manx, but in the end, the SWAT Kats, along with Mayor Manx sent him to his doom by destroying the plane. He only appeared in The Ghost Pilot.
  • Mutilor (Michael Dorn) - Mutilor is a giant lobster-like alien warlord who attacked Earth using a stolen Aquian spaceship to steal all of its water so he could sell it to a desert world. In the end, the SWAT Kats were able to destroy him by blasting his spaceship and saving Captain Grimalken and his crew from harm. His name comes from a goldfish that Lance Falk's friend once owned. He only appears in When Strikes Mutilor.
  • Turmoil (Kath Soucie) - A villainous she-kat that wants to conquer Megakat City by controlling the airspace, with the help of her flying fortress and her squadron of female pilots, if the citizens of Megakat City don't pay her her due first. She tried to seduce T-Bone, by showing him some of the modified airplanes that supposedly never went as far as the drawing board. But in the end, T-Bone fooled her, and with the help of Razor, put Turmoil in prison. Writer Lance Falk created Turmoil because besides Molly Mange, there were no other female villains. Her named is an anagram of "Mutilor" from When Strikes Mutilor. She only appears in Cry Turmoil, though she was scheduled to appear in the unfinished episode Turmoil II: The Revenge.
  • Dark SWAT Kats (Charlie Adler and Barry Gordon) - Villainous variations of the SWAT Kats from a parallel dimension accessed by the real SWAT Kats by accident. They serve the alternate dimension's Dark Kat, and plot with the alternate Callie Briggs to overthrow Megakat City's government. They exhibit alternate characteristics to the real SWAT Kats, such as T-bone being a clumsy pilot, Razor being a lousy shot, and the two of them hating each other. They were killed when a bomb they were carrying exploded. They only appeared in The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats.

Other Characters

  • Little Old Lady (Candi Milo) - A cranky old lady whose car always seems to be breaking down. She consistently threatens to report Chance and Jake to her auto club, but never actually reports them. On one occasion, she received a free pizza and three free tune-ups when Jake and Chance apologized for rushing off in the middle of a towing job when Dark Kat attacked.
  • Katscratch's Gang (Jim Cummings, Charles Adler, Ed Gilbert) - Three identical looking mobsters who assist Katscratch and Fango in his operations. When Katscratch was killed, the trio tried to get back on Mac and Molly Mange's good side, but Mac threw an exploding cigar at the building instead. Like Fango, the mobsters were hurt from the ensuring fire, only surviving when Razor threw a foam bomb at the building.
  • Burk and Murry - Two cats who constantly bug Chance and Jake. They usually do the job of dumping the junk in the junkyard, though do it mockingly.


  • Black Widow

One of the latest creations of Dark Kat, this giant Garret Prater contraption was designed to destroy Megakat City. Its one problem was that it required enormous amounts of power to operate, and literally put the city in a black out when it was activated. It required a Mega Catalytic Converter, that altered electricity to actually make the machine grow in size when it absorbed power. The SWAT Kats eventually destroyed this creation, but not without much effort. Click here to see the Black Widow.

  • Blue Manx

A multi-million dollar machine owned by the Enforcers of Megakat City. The Blue Manx was dedicated to Mayor Manx's great grandfather. The machine featured a computerized flight control, and forward firing missile launchers, high intensity lasers, and highly developed maneuverability. The Ghost of the Red Lynx managed to find a way into the Blue Manx when the Enforcers were supposed to be watching the machine. Unfortunately, the craft had to be shot down, because it was the only way to eliminate the Red Manx. Click here to see the Blue Manx.

  • Brigg's Sedan

Owned by Callie Briggs (deputy mayor). Whenever her car breaks down, she relies on Jake and Chance to fix it while they take advantage of the vehicle by upgrading it. Click here to see Brigg's Sedan.

  • Chop Shop's Chopper

Jet powered chopper used by Chop Shop on the episode, Swat Kats Unplugged, which featured mega-alloy armor and rear firing saw blades. Click here to see Chop Shop's Chopper.

  • Cyclotron

A motorcycle used by Razor whenever he needs to be in pursuit of an enemy on ground. After the cyclotron gets released from a sliding door of the Turbokat, it can reach at extremely fast fast speeds and manually moves around with no problem. Click [here to see the Cyclotron.

  • Dark Turbokat

Main mode of transportation for the Dark SWAT Kats, it parallels all features of the Turbokat along with a few extra features. Utilizing a lethal array of weaponry, it proves to be one of the most dangerous things with wings. Click here to see the Dark Turbokat.

  • Enforcer Chopper

The most used vehicle in the show (mostly by Commander Feral). It features lasers and missiles used to shoot down the enemy in the skies. Unfortunately, they are prone to get hit and the enemy can successfully hit the choppers with no problem. Click here to see the Enforcer Chopper.

  • Enforcer Cruiser

Police cars used by the Enforcers of Megakat City. Click here to see the Enforcer Cruiser.

  • Enforcer Jet

It features lasers and missiles used to shoot down the enemy in the skies. Unfortunately, they are prone to get hit and the enemy can successfully hit the jets with no problem. Click here to see the Enforcer Jet.

  • Enforcer Tank

With armor plating, dual turret guns, dual anti-personnel guns, surface to air missile launchers, all terrain tank treads, and massive numbers the tank is the superior ground vehicle. Always found on the front lines, the Enforcer tank is oftentimes the last line of defense for Megakat City. Click here to see the Enforcer Tank.

  • Hoverkat

SWAT Kat style hovercraft equipped with the standard arsenal often associated with the vigilantes. It was used to infiltrate the entity known as Zed and was assimilated in the process. Click hereto see the Hoverkat.

  • Manx's Limo

Main transportation for Mayor Manx. Whenever he needs to leave to make his speeches, go to a scene of a crime, or go golfing, Mayor Manx will always be transported in his limo.

  • Thunder Kat

Tow truck used by Razor on the episode, When Strikes Mutilor. It transformed into an assault vehicle when the Turbokat was out of commission. Click here to see the Thunder Kat.

  • Turbokat

Main transportation vehicle of the SWAT Kats, the Turbokat is only used whenever the city is in jeopardy, and it is indestructible. The Turbokat features lasers and missiles used to shoot down the enemy in the skies, ejecting seats, section to hold the cyclotron, and three engines. The Turbokat is so ahead of time with technologies, that the SWAT Kats always get the job done, leaving the Enforcers empty handed. Click here to see the Turbokat.

  • Turmoil Airship

It was the airship that was operated by female-only fighters. Turmoil used this ship to attack Megakat City. With its Vertigo Beam, numerous laser weapons, and the female fighter squadron known as the Omega Squadron it was nearly invincible. When T-Bone (Chance Furlong) got hit by the Vertigo Beam, he was unconscious and woke up inside the airship. From there, he managed to install remote mines in different parts of the ship so that the ship can explode.


For more detailed information, see List of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron episodes

Season 1

  • The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice
  • The Giant Bacteria
  • The Wrath of Dark Kat
  • Destructive Nature
  • The Metallikats
  • Bride of the Pastmaster
  • Night of the Dark Kat
  • Chaos in Crystal
  • The Ghost Pilot
  • Metal Urgency
  • The Ci-Kat-A
  • Enter the Madkat
  • Katastrophe

Season 2

  • Mutation City
  • A Bright and Shiny Future
  • When Mutilor Strikes
  • Razor's Edge
  • ''Cry Turmoil
  • SWAT Kats Unplugged
  • The Deadly Pyramid
  • Caverns of Horror
  • Volcanus Erupts!
  • The Origin of Dr. Viper
  • The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats
  • Unlikely Alloys


  • (Kat's Eye News) A Special Report (Clip show)

Unfinished episodes

  • The Curse of Kataluna
  • Turmoil II: The Revenge
  • Doctors of Doom

Unused Premises

  • Cold War
  • Blackout
  • The Vampire She-Kat


SWAT Kats became the number one syndicated animated show of 1994, according to Nielsen Television Index (NTI) and Nielsen Syndication Service (NSS). Hanna Barbera Productions also stated this in a SWAT Kats Poster ad that they were going to release new episodes, posters, and other works in 1995. Toon Magazine also published a section about the success of SWAT Kats in Fall 1994 issue. Modelsheets of characters were also released in the same issue. The show was canceled with three unfinished episodes. In a 1995 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Ted Turner stated, "We have more cartoons than anybody: The Flintstones, The Jetsons, the Smurfs, Scooby-Doo. They're nonviolent. We don't have to worry that we're encouraging kids to kill each other - like SOME of the other cartoon programs do.

Video Games

Only one game about the SWAT Kats has been produced by Hudson Soft and released on August 1995 for the SNES. It is a 2-D Action Platformer which features a character select screen where the player can choose between T-Bone or Razor, a level-selection screen, a password system, and third-person flying sequences in the Turbokat Fighter.

SWAT Kats in other languages

  • Norwegian: Superkattene (The Super Cats)
  • Finnish: SWAT Kats - Kissaeläin avulla taktiikka (Felines with tactics)
  • Russian: Коты быстрого реагирования (Emergency Response Cats)
  • Spanish: SWAT Kats - El Escuadrón Radical
  • Portuguese: SWAT Kats - O Esquadrão Radical
  • Croatian: SWAT Mačke
  • Swedish: Swat Kats - Katter med klös (Cats with claws)
  • Italia: Gatti Volanti
  • Hindi: Mahan Billay (Great Cats) or Bahadur Billay (Brave Cats)
  • Polish: Chwaty Koty-Koty Chwaty
  • Arabic:القطان الطائران (The Flying Cats)
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 霹靂特警貓 (Thunderbolt Bang Special Police Force Cats)


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