Currahee Mountain

Currahee Mountain

Currahee Mountain is a mountain located in Stephens County, Georgia near Toccoa. It is the last (or southernmost) mountain in the Blue Ridge mountain range. Currahee appears to be derived from the Cherokee word gurahiyi (Cherokee: ᎫᎳᎯᏱ), which means "water cress place" or may mean "standing alone." Currahee Mountain rises about 900 feet above the local topography and, with an overall elevation of 1740 feet, is the highest peak in Stephens county. Part of the mountain is in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The mountain was made famous internationally by Steven Spielberg's TV series of Band of Brothers. The mountain was featured during the training of the American Paratroopers at Camp Toccoa, Georgia where they ran up and down Currahee. The name of the mountain became the motto for these paratroopers including the famous quote: "3 Miles up, 3 Miles down".


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