Cunha, Euclides da, 1866-1909, Brazilian writer. After his military service, Cunha became a civil engineer and a journalist. He wrote several historical works but is remembered for only one book, Os sertões (1902, tr. Rebellion in the Backlands, 1944), an account of a rebellion against the Brazilian government led by a religious fanatic, Antônio Conselheiro, in 1896-97. The book is a pessimistic narrative, embellished with lengthy descriptions of the Brazilian landscape and living conditions; it is primarily concerned with the state of mankind in Brazil. Its power and sincerity counterbalance its complexity of style and racist doctrine.
Cunha, Tristão da, c.1460-1514?, Portuguese navigator. His most important voyage was undertaken in 1506, when he set out with 15 ships for India. He discovered three volcanic islands in the S Atlantic, one of which is named for him. After taking Socotra off Arabia, in the hope of establishing control over the Red Sea, he went on to India, while Afonso de Albuquerque, under secret royal orders, detached part of the fleet. On his return to Portugal, Tristão da Cunha carried out a diplomatic mission at the papal court. A son, Nuno da Cunha, 1487-1539, was governor of India and captured Basra in 1529.
Cunha is a Portuguese surname. It may also refer to:


In Brazil

In Portugal

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  • Domingos da Cunha, the Cabrinha, Portuguese Jesuit painter, early 17th century
  • Pedro da Cunha, Portuguese naval commander ca. 1544.

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