Cultura Bank

Cultura Sparebank

Cultura Sparebank, branded as Cultura Bank is a Norwegian savings bank in the ethical banking movement that uses its assets on ethical investments. The bank has offices in Oslo has total assets of NOK 211 million.

One of the banks projects is the establishment of support accounts where part of the interest rate is transferred to one of the organisations Fremtiden i Våre Hender, World Wildlife Fund, Regnskogfonded, Save the Children or Kvinne- og Familieforbundet.

The bank has issued grunnfondsbevis, but is one of two savings banks in Norway who havn't listed them on Oslo Stock Exchange.


The bank can trace its roots back to 1986 when Cultura Lånesamvirke was established to promote ethical banking. Through the 1980s and 1990s the bank has merged with a number of domestic lending foundations and funds and was in 1997 made a savings bank.

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