Cuenca, city (1990 pop. 194,981), alt. c.8,000 ft (2,440 m), capital of Azuay prov., S central Ecuador. Founded in 1557, Cuenca is in one of the richest agricultural basins of the Ecuadorian Andes and is the commercial center of S Ecuador. The chief industry is the weaving of Panama hats. Although isolated from the north and the coast until roads were cut through the Andes in the 1950s, the city has modernized in recent years and tourism is on the increase. Cuenca is known as the "marble city" because of its many fine buildings, including the cathedral, government palace, and two universities.
Cuenca, city (1990 pop. 43,209), capital of Cuenca prov., E central Spain, in Castile-La Mancha, at the confluence of the Huecar and Júcar rivers, c.3,000 ft (910 m) above sea level. This historic town retains its medieval character in the narrow streets, clustered houses, and bridges; the modern, industrial section (timber trade, furniture, pottery, paper, leather), called Curretaria, extends onto the Huecar plain. The city is known for the spectacular sight of its houses projected above the abyss of the Huecar river. It was taken (1177) from the Moors by Alfonso VIII of Castile. Cuenca was badly damaged in the Peninsular War and the Second Carlist War. It has a notable Gothic cathedral (begun 13th cent.). Nearby is the Ciudad Encantada [enchanted city], a fantastic labyrinth of eroded rocks.
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  • Cuenca, Spanish name for Joara, Native American settlement in modern-day North Carolina

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