Cuckoo bees

List of bees, wasps and ants of Great Britain

The following is a list of the Aculeate Hymenoptera species (bees, wasps and ants) recorded from Britain.

Family Dryinidae

Family Embolemidae

Family Bethylidae

Family Chrysididae

Family Tiphiidae

Family Mutillidae

Family Scoliidae

Family Formicidae (ants)

Family Pompilidae (spider wasps)

Family Vespidae

Subfamily Eumeninae (potter and mason wasps)

Genus Eumenes

Genus Pterochilus

Genus Euodynerus

Genus Pseudepipona

Genus Odynerus

Subgenus Odynerus

Subgenus Spinicoxa

Genus Gymnomerus

Genus Microdynerus

Genus Ancistrocercus

Genus Symmorphus

Subfamily Vespinae (social wasps)

Genus Polistes

Genus Vespa (hornets)

Genus Dolichovespula

Subgenus Dolichovespula

Subgenus Pseudovespula

Genus Vespula (typical social wasps)

Subgenus Vespula

Subgenus Paravespula

Family Sphecidae

Family Crabronidae

Superfamily Apoidea (bees)

Family Colletidae

Family Andrenidae

Family Halictidae

Family Melittidae

Family Dasypodaidae

Family Megachilidae

Family Apidae

Genus Nomada

Genus Epeolus

Genus Eucera

Genus Anthophora

Genus Melecta (cuckoo bees)

Genus Ceratina (carpenter bees)

Genus Xylocopa (carpenter bees)

Genus Bombus (bumblebees)

Subgenus Bombus

Subgenus Cullumanobombus

Subgenus Kallobombus

Subgenus Megabombus

Subgenus Melanobombus

Subgenus Psithyrus

Subgenus Pyrobombus

Subgenus Rhodobombus

Subgenus Subterraneobombus

Subgenus Thoracombus

Genus Apis (honey bees)


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