Cruelty-free is a movement which seeks to avoid all product of cruelty.

Beginnings of the movement

The cruelty-free movement has developed from veganism into a philosophy of life which aims to avoid all the products of cruelty to humans or animals.

Products Avoided

Products avoided include those which contain part of a dead animal, those which contain materials obtained from an animal by means of cruelty (such as keeping the animal in a confined space or separating mother from child etc.). Also avoided are the products of child slavery and sweatshop labour.


National Cruelty-Free Week is an event in the United Kingdom every year arranged by the BUAV. The 2006 event was from 17-23 July. Other, similar, events include: National Vegetarian Week, UK Vegan Week and World Vegan Day which takes place each year on November 1st.

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