Crucita Calabaza

Corn (disambiguation)

Corn is an English word meaning cereal or grain.

Corn may specifically refer to certain cereal crops including:

Corn(s) may also refer to:

General meanings

  • Corn, a type of snow
  • Corn, an ingrowing callus often on the foot


  • Alfred Corn (born 1943), American poet and essayist
  • Blue Corn (c. 1920 – 1999), also known as Crucita Calabaza, female Native American potter
  • David Corn, American political journalist and author
  • Kevin Corn, American voice actor
  • Rob Corn, American television producer and director
  • Thomas Corns (born 1980), English organist and conductor
  • Corn Griffin (born 1911), American heavyweight boxer
  • Corn Mo, stage name of Jon Cunningham, a Brooklyn-based musician
  • Cornstalk (c.1720 – 1777), prominent leader of the Shawnee people



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