CrossLoop is a remote desktop sharing utility created by CrossLoop Inc. , which allows users to share their computer screens and collaborate with others over the internet. The utility is similar to RealVNC,TightVNC,Dameware etc., it focuses on keeping things simple by providing an easy interface. The utility will work even if one or both of the computers are behind firewall, so one doesn't have to make any change in the router or firewall to ensure that it works.

CrossLoop Technology

CrossLoop is based on TightVNC, which is an open source software build on VNC to ensure that it works even in low bandwidths. CrossLoop encrypts the data sent across the computers ensuring that the security stays intact. Data is encrypted using a strong 128-bit Blowfish (cipher) encryption algorithm.

CrossLoop MarketPlace

CrossLoop marketplace allows tech experts to make a living or some part time bucks using this software. It allows users to create profiles as a helper or the one who is seeking for the help. Profile allows the helpee to rate the helper and that in-turn benefits the community as the new users will be able to find out that which tech support person will be useful for them.

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