Crespo, Joaquín, 1841?-1898, president of Venezuela (1884-86, 1894-98). He served his first term under the dominance of Antonio Guzmán Blanco. In 1892 he led a revolt and established a military dictatorship. His second term was noted for the bitter feelings between the United States and England brought about by the Venezuela Boundary Dispute. When he chose his successor, revolts occurred, and Crespo was killed in the fighting. The next year Cipriano Castro came into power.
Crespo is a city in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos, some 40 km from the provincial capital Paraná. It has around 18,000 inhabitants (as per the ), most of whom are descendants of the Volga Germans who migrated from Russia to Argentina from 1875 onwards. The town's German heritage is reflected in the annual beer festival, based on the Oktoberfest but held in January. The economy is centered in avicultural and other agricultural products.

Successful Real Madrid and former Manchester United footballer Gabriel Heinze was born in Crespo.


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