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Cream soda

Cream soda is a sweet carbonated soft drink. It varies from country to country, but its most usual property is its vanilla flavoring. Its name originated, at least in the United Kingdom, from "ice cream soda" as it was traditionally served with a dollop of ice cream floating in it.

International variations

North America

The first patent for Cream Soda was granted in Canada to James William Black of Berwick, Nova Scotia on July 5, 1886. The recipe had whipped egg whites, sugar, lime juice, lemons, citric acid, flavouring, and bicarbonate of soda. Today, Canadian cream soda is often pink and has a unique taste somewhat reminiscent of grenadine. But clear versions of cream soda can also be found in Canada, particularly in the Province of Quebec where pink cream soda is very rare or non-existent. The first patent for cream soda in the United States was granted to Francis John Higgins in Chicago. He later sold his company to Hires Root Beer, who wanted his recipe for cream soda. In the U.S. market, cream soda is often clear or colored light brown and vanilla-flavored, but pink, red, and blue are also relatively common. In addition, in some places in the U.S. where the drink is made on location, especially in cafes, cream soda consists of soda water, vanilla syrup, and cream or half and half.

Popular brands include:


In Australia, cream soda is generally known as creaming soda (and sometimes creamy soda) and is pink, red or brown. Less commonly, there is a bright yellow type of cream soda, an example of which is produced by Crows Nest Soft Drinks. The most common manufacturer of creaming soda in Australia is arguably Kirks, a soft drink manufacturer with a variety of other products. As of 2005, Kirks creaming soda is made and distributed by Coca Cola. Up until the mid 1990s, Kirks also produced Snow Cap, which was essentially the vanilla flavored brown version of the drink. The name "Snow Cap" was created to differentiate the pink and brown versions of the drink. Snow Cap is no longer produced. Cadbury Schweppes market Creaming Soda as part of their 'Schweppes Traditional' line of soft drinks. Until recently it was deep red in all states except Victoria where it was brown, but now both varieties are offered. South Australian soft drink manufacturer Woodroofe produces "Snow-Top", a brown cream soda drink.

United Kingdom

In the UK, cream soda was traditionally served with a dessert-spoonful of vanilla ice cream floating on the top, but this has become a rarity. It is vanilla-flavored, slightly glutinous and has a uniquely thick, "soft" and long-lasting foam. Both A.G. Barr and DG Jamaica manufacture their own brands of cream soda, and most supermarkets sell it under their respective own brands.


Another variety is one referred to as Italian cream soda. This is usually a mixture of carbonated water and Half and half or cream combined with vanilla syrup. Ratios vary widely, but the taste is usually that of sweetened, flavored milk.


In Japan, "cream soda" is a term used for an ice cream float made with melon-flavored soda topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In Hong Kong, the Swire Coca Cola Company markets a yellow Schweppes Cream Soda as well as a yellow Schweppes Grapefruit Soda, some people enjoy Cream Soda in a 1:1 ratio with fresh milk. In India, two brands of cream soda are Cottons and Bijoli. In Malaysia the F&N or Fraser and Neave brand makes a clear Ice Cream Soda. Elephant Brand Cream Soda is a very popular soft drink in Sri Lanka.


In South Africa and Zimbabwe, Cream soda is sold under the name "Creme Soda", a notable brand being Coca-Cola's "Sparletta". It is green in color, however unlike other Cream Sodas, it does not have just a vanilla taste and is highly sweetened.

Caribbean and Latin America

Cream soda is usually served as a "red pop", particularly Fanta's Red Cream Soda.

  • DG Sof Drink Cream Soda (Jamaica)
  • Mundet Prisca (Mexico) – generally only available in the Mexico City area

New Zealand

This is known as Creaming soda, Ice cream soda, Chill drink or cream soda, though the flavor changes are negligible. It is usually clear or a white opaque. It is one of the many flavors sold by Foxton Fizz.It is also one of the many carbonated drink-flavours offered by Golden Circle.


Has only one brand called Frizz and is caramel-colored.


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