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Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psychedelic trance DJ duo that uses additional musicians when they play live sets. Formed by Erez Aizen (also known as I.Zen) and Amit Duvdevani (also known as Duvdev) in the city of Haifa, located in north Israel, the duo has garnered a large international fanbase. Infected Mushroom are known for their consistent sonic evolution exemplified by the subsequent albums The Gathering (1999), Classical Mushroom (2000), B.P. Empire (2001), Converting Vegetarians (2003), IM the Supervisor (2004), and Vicious Delicious (2007). The group currently resides in Los Angeles.


Erez Aizen

Erez Aizen was born on September 7 1980 and has early musical training; he learned to play the organ at age 4 and started studying piano in the Haifa Conservatory at the age of 8. At age 11 he started toying with computerized music, first using Impulse Tracker, later moving to more advanced musical composition software. By the age of 18, Erez had collaborated with DJ Jörg and other notable psytrance artists, and had released 3 albums and a multitude of tracks under different psytrance acts (including Shidapu and Shiva Shidapu).

Amit Duvdevani

Amit Duvdevani was born on November 7 1974 and has a similar musical background. He played the piano for 9 years, starting at the age of 7-initially learning to play with his feet, before taking a turn towards heavy metal and punk rock. Amit played keyboard and wrote most of the material for a local Haifa punk rock band known as Enzyme. Amit went to his first trance party in 1991, a week before being conscripted into the Israeli army (where he was first nicknamed Duvdev). He has more than once described this experience as life changing - from that time onwards all he could think of was trance music. After he finished his mandatory service, Amit spent a year in India (primarily in Goa), and finally decided to make music himself. He collaborated with a member of Shidapu on 4 tracks but never actually released them.


In 1998, Aizen and Duvdevani began playing together. At first they released a few tracks as Shidapu & Duvdev. These tracks were 'happier' and of the simpler side of trance. Later on, they formed the duo Infected Mushroom and started working on their first album. The name Infected Mushroom was chosen to commemorate a disbanded (1989 to 1993) punk rock band named "Infected," also of Israeli origin, which Duvdevani saw perform at a concert in London.

Guitarists Tom Cunningham and Erez Netz joined in 2004 - Tom plays with Infected Mushroom in the United States, while Erez Netz plays the rest of their gigs. Netz is a famous guitarist from Israel, and he opens their live shows with some electric guitar exhibition. As of 2007, Infected Mushroom has also brought in Brazilian percussionist Rogério Jardim to play drums and percussion during their shows.

In 2007 Infected Mushroom rose to No.9 in the influential DJmag Top 100 DJs poll, where they were also the highest psy-trance DJs. As detailed on UK website (a media partner in the awards who exclusively released the results online at midnight), this was the first time the category had been created, reflecting psy-trance's rising popularity around the world and the huge role that pioneers Infected Mushroom have played in this.



  • With Miki Litvak (ex-Domestic), Oren Kislev and Roy Sasson: Shidapu
  • With Talamasca: Magic Mushrooms
  • With Shiva (DJ Jörg): Shiva Shidapu

Aizen and Duvdevani



A new album is scheduled to be released in 2009. Infected Mushroom are currently playing these new, unreleased tracks at their shows. While performing, Duvdev announced that they have an upcoming album, but he did not say when it will be released or what the name of it is.


Tracks Released on Compilations

Infected Track Name: Artist - Album/Compilation

  • Acid Killer: Isr-Aliens
  • Angel Jonathan: Yahel - For The People
  • Anyone Else But Me: Unidentified Forms of Sounds 2
  • Arabian Nights On Mescaline: GMS vs. Systembusters
  • Blue Rhythmic Night: Space Mantra
  • Cat On Mushroom: Space Cats - Beam Me Up
  • Classical Mushroom: Israliens 2
  • Coolio Remix: Coolio EP
  • Crazy D: Isr-Aliens
  • Dainai: Moon
  • Devil Final Rmx: Unidentified Forms Of Sound
  • Dirty 80's: Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff
  • Doremifas: Unidentified Forms of Sounds 3
  • Double Click: Israel's Psychedelic Trance 5
  • Double Click (Piano Version): Unknown Album/Compilation
  • Dream Theatre: Space Mantra
  • Elation Station REMIX: Intercept Sound Enforcers Vol.1
  • Electro Panic: Yahel - Private Collection
  • Elevation: Another Life
  • Elm: Unidentified Forms Of Sound
  • Expose: Deck Wizards - Enhanced Reality
  • For The People: Yahel - For The People
  • Gamma Goblins RMX: Hallucinogen
  • Gravity Waves Rmx: Xerox - Freestyle
  • I See Myself: Unusual Suspects
  • Into The Matrix: Israliens 2
  • Look At Me: Voojo Rituals
  • Merlin (Global Cut): Contact Clubber Vol: 1
  • Millions OF Miles Away Remix: Oforia - Millions Miles Away EP
  • Ministering Angels: Contact Clubber Vol: 1
  • Montoya: Unidentified Forms Of Sound
  • Muddy Effect: Deck Wizards - Enhanced Reality
  • Mushi mush (Void Rmx 2005)
  • My Mummy Said: Space Mantra
  • One Absolute: Full On 3
  • Psycho Live Mix: Full On 4
  • Raveolution: Dali, Infected mushroom, Skazi, Sun project, Raja, Ram, Chicago, 29-30.04.2005
  • Red Filter: Full On 5
  • Scotch: Voojo Rituals
  • ShakawKaw Remix (VibeTribe): Un:Balanced
  • Smahutta: Full On 6
  • Symphonatic: Tsunami
  • The End Of Infinity: Boom Bolenat
  • The Fly: Psychotropic
  • The Messenger: Kum Haras
  • The Messenger: Jorg On Mushroom
  • Tiwanacu: Kum Haras
  • Voices: Tsunami
  • Wheels Of Time: Digital Dance Of Shiva
  • Where Is S: Destination Goa 7
  • Wider: Future Navigators II
  • LSD Story (Duvdev Rmx): GMS - The Remixes
  • Now Is The Time (Duvdev Solo): Full On 7
  • Monster (A.K.A Something Else): Astrix - Artcore

Unreleased Tracks

These tracks are confirmed to exist, and are unreleased. They are either listed on the web site, or confirmed by Erez himself on the forums.

  • 9 Precent
  • Deepongi
  • Dream Theater (Old Mix)
  • Electro Panic (Remix)
  • The Legend of the Black Shuwarma
  • Bust a Move (Infected Remix)
  • Raash
  • I Wish (Infected Remix)
  • Frank's
  • Groovish
  • Kogy
  • Gamma Goblins (Remix)
  • I See Myself (Infected Remix)
  • Infected Rock
  • Institute of science
  • Sa'eed
  • Sleeping
  • The Need To Feed
  • Razor
  • Herbert The Pervert
  • Infected Speedstick

Known Mislabeled Tracks

The following tracks are often found to be labeled as Infected Mushroom from various sources, however are not actual tracks produced by Infected Mushroom.

  • Trippy Shit (Real song: Pitchin'(In Every Direction) by Hi-Gate, or other known as Judge Jules)
  • Rain Radioactive, A Psychadelic Trip (Real song: Radioactive Rain by Mama Indica)
  • Xtc In My Mind (Real Song: DJ Mary-Jane)
  • Best Dope (Real Song: Yahel vs Cosmo)
  • Friendzone (Real song: by Yahel)
  • Communication
  • GOA Trance (Real song: Flamicogyre by Transwave)
  • LSD (Real song: LSD by Hallucinogen)
  • Ecstacy (Real song: Ecstacy by Scooter)
  • ''BNS
  • Spiritual Trance (Real song: Flamicogyre by Transwave)
  • Under The Mushroom Sun (Real song: Out Here We're Stoned by E-Rection)
  • Mtv (Real song: Cost Me by SX)
  • waves of sound (Real song: Waves of Sound by Yahel)


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