Crank The System

Crank The System

"Crank the System" is a single release by Australian nu metal band Superheist from their upcoming album The Prize Recruit.

After their first EP, 8 Miles High, later works are more defined in their sound and tone; high energy and more traditional nu metal. This is easily seen on their album The Prize Recruit.

The B-sides includes a grindcore version of the main song "Move the Fuck Around" and "Bullet for You" - an early demo of what would be their next single from the forthcoming album, this song being later reworked into "Bullet".

Track listing

  • AUS CD Single SHAGCD7052
    1. "Crank The System" - 3:51
    2. "Crank the System [Fit for Mum Mix]" - 3:51
    3. "Bullet For You" - 4:03
    4. "Two Faced [Live On JJJ]" - 3:50
    5. "Pulse [Live On JJJ]" - 3:38
    6. "Move The Fuck Around" - 0:24

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