Courtesy Blush

Courtesy Blush

Courtesy Blush is a rock band from Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, which has been together since 2002. Courtesy Blush has toured Europe twice since forming, and sold some of their albums there, and is currently planning to tour the United States. The band has also toured parts of Ontario. They also have a large audience in Europe and Canada. The four musicians teamed up with producer Matt Dematteo (who produced bands like Mobile) to record the band's first record: Sweet Modern Fairy Tales. Their albums are also sold at Napster and HMV.


Sweet Modern Fairy Tales

Courtesy Blush have an EP called Sweet Modern Fairy Tales. The album was recorded and produced by Matt Dematteo at Record High Studios, mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, and has artwork by Pedja Milosavljević. Track listing:

  1. La Ber Sae – 4:21
  2. Tonight is to Die – 3:15
  3. An Afternoon with a Heart-Shaped Balloon – 4:46
  4. The Video is a Tightly Kept Secret – 4:30
  5. Love, Love – 2:39
  6. You are in Control Annie – 3:19
  7. Starlight of Empty Nights – 4:48
  8. A New Comedy – 4:45


Their 2007 Demo, is a rough recording of 3 of their songs from their 2007 EP; The Faces E.P.. The 3 songs on this demo are Eight Circuits, Autopsy is a Dying Practise and Seams. The demo has some noticeable differences from the EP (i.e. The intro to Autopsy is a Dying Practise is changed in the E.P. and the intro to Seams is no longer played on only on guitar. Ben Reinhartz plays an intro to it on piano with guitar in the background) The demo was given out for free at few Courtesy Blush concerts and is now unavailable. It was recorded at JG Studios in Toronto.

The Faces E.P.

Their latest album CD is a 7-song E.P. entitled The Faces E.P. was recorded at Sleepytown Sound. The song list is:

1. Eight Circuits
2. Elements and Principles
3. User Guide
4. Teeth Like Chalk
5. Autopsy is a Dying Practice
6. Seams
7. DRV


Cover Date of Release Title Label Album Type
2004 Sweet Modern Fairy Tales Bad Samaritan Records EP
2007 Demo 2007 Independent Demo
2007 The Faces E.P. Independent EP


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