Courage (1930 film)

Courage (1930 film)

Courage (1930) is an All-Talking melodrama film which was produced by Warner Bros. in 1929 and released early in 1930. The movie is based on a stage play of the same name by Tom Barry which was a hit on Broadway in 1928.


  • Leon Janney was being groomed as a child star by Warner Bros. This was the first of several pictures in which he starred in for Warner Bros. His career, however, never took off and he was released from his contract in 1931.
  • Belle Bennett, a long time actress in silent movies, made her transition to talkies successfully. Her new career, however, would be short. She would tragically die from cancer in 1932.


The film is believed to be lost. No film elements are known to exist. The complete soundtrack, however, survives on Vitaphone disks.

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