Chrysler Sebring (coupe)

The Chrysler Sebring Coupe was a mid-size coupe made by Mitsubishi Motors for the Chrysler Corporation and later DaimlerChrysler, from 1995-2005. It was the first bodystyle in the Chrysler Sebring family. Though being the first Chrysler to bear the Sebring name, it shared no components with the later Sebring sedan (2001-present) and convertible (1996-present). Sebring Coupe production ended in 2005, due to slumping sales and new generation of Sebring convertible being available with retractable hardtop.

First generation (1995-2000)

The 1995 through 2000 Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger coupes were the successors to the Chrysler LeBaron coupe and Dodge Daytona, respectively. The name Sebring was originally used on a model of the Plymouth Satellite.

Despite being similar to Dodge's Avenger, the Sebring's suspension was tuned slightly on the softer side, compared to Avenger's stiff suspension. This model was seen as performing the best out of the two, because its suspension offered a good balance of comfort and rigidness. Although the Sebring did not really offer true "off-the-line" muscle, it did handle quite well over long, curvy roads, offering minimal body roll, especially LXi models, which featured a slightly differently tuned suspension along with 17 inch wheels wrapped with Good-Year Eagle performance tires.

The Coupe version of the Sebring had seating for 5 and was considered to be one of the larger, more roomy coupes available. Trunk capacity was similar to that of many mid-size cars, capable of handling more than one set of golf clubs.

Although said to be built on a stretched Eagle Talon platform (which is not entirely untrue), it is more accurate to say that their platform was based on the 4 door Mitsubishi Galant platform. With this said, these cars do, however, share a great deal with their Talon sibling, including a similar dash and instrument panel design.


  • 2.0L inline 4cyl
  • 2.5L Mitsubishi V6

Trim levels

  • LX - 1995-2000
  • LXi - 1995-2000

Turbo Sebrings

It has been said that a total of roughly 50 V6 powered Sebring Coupes were equipped with dealer installed Turbochargers. These cars (1999-2000) are very rare, with very little known about them (due to the fact that they were dealer equipped turbo cars, with no identifiable VIN info or documentation). Horsepower was said to be fairly close to the mid 200 range. generation (2001-2005)

The second generation Chrysler Sebring was actually the name of two different cars. The coupe was the next generation model (also sold as the Dodge Stratus Coupe). The sedan and convertible were Chrysler JR platform successors to the Chrysler Cirrus as well as the Plymouth Breeze. As with earlier models, the Dodge coupe (which is seen as the successor to the Avenger) was tuned slightly stiffer than the Chrysler, and was viewed as the more "sporty" version of the two. The Sebring coupe was discontinued after 2005. The 2008 Chrysler Sebring hardtop convertible technically serves as a replacement.


  • 2.4L Mitsubishi built I4
  • 3.0L Mitsubishi built V6

Trim levels

  • LX - 2000-2003
  • LXi - 2000-2003
  • base - 2004-2005
  • Limited - 2004-2005
  • Limited Platinum Series - 2004

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