Countship of Dreux

Robert I of Dreux

Robert I of Dreux, (Robert I Capet) nicknamed the Great (c. 1123 – October 11, 1188), was the fifth son of Louis VI of France and Adélaide de Maurienne. Through his mother he was related to the Carolingians and to the Marquess William V of Montferrat.

In 1137 he received the County of Dreux as an appanage from his father. He held this title until 1184 when he granted it to his son Robert II.

In 1139 he married Agnes de Garlande. In 1145, he married Hawise of Salisbury. By his third marriage to Agnes de Baudemont in 1152, he received the County of Braine-sur-Vesle, and the lordships of Fère-en-Tardenois, Pontarcy, Nesle, Longueville, Quincy-en-Tardenois, Savigny, and Baudemont.

Robert I participated in the Second Crusade and was at the Siege of Damascus in 1148. In 1158 he fought against the English and participated in the Siege of Séez in 1154.

Marriages and children

  1. Agnes de Garlande (1122–1143), daughter of Anseau de Garlande, count of Rochefort
    1. Simon (1141 – bef. 1182), lord of La Noue
  2. Hawise of Salisbury (1118–1152), daughter of Walter Fitz Edward of Salisbury, Sheriff of Wiltshire
    1. Adèle (1145 – aft. 1210), married firstly Valéran III, count of Breteuil, secondly Guy II, lord of Châtillon-sur-Marne, thirdly Jean I de Thorotte, fourthly Raoul I of Nesle, count of Soissons
    2. Alice or Adelheid (1144–?)
  3. Agnes de Baudemont, Countess of Braine (1130 – c. 1202)
    1. Robert II (1154–1218), count of Dreux and Braine
    2. Henry (1155–1199), bishop of Orléans
    3. Alix (1156 – aft. 1217), married Raoul I, lord of Coucy
    4. Philippe (1158–1217), bishop of Beauvais
    5. Isabella (1160–1239), married Hugh III of Broyes
    6. Peter (1161–1186)
    7. William (1163 – aft. 1189), lord of Braye, Torcy, and Chilly
    8. John (1164 – aft. 1189)
    9. Mamilie (1166–1200)
    10. Margaret (1167–?), nun

The Sicilian chancellor Stephen du Perche may also have been a son (legitimate or not) of his.


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