Count Raven

Count Raven

Count Raven is a Swedish doom metal band.


Count Raven started life as Stormvarning in 1987 by vocalist Christian Linderson, guitarist Dan Fondelius, bassist Tommy Erikkson and drummer Christer Pettersson. They changed their name to Count Raven for their 1990 debut album Storm Warning on Hellhound Records. The album received great reviews from the European metal press, but Linderson left soon after to join Saint Vitus for their C.O.D. album. The band continued on as a trio, with Fondelius taking over vocal duties for 1992's Destruction of the Void. From this album on there were many Black Sabbath comparisons due not only to musical similarities, but Fondelius's very Ozzy-like vocals. They released 2 more albums with this lineup before calling it quits in 1999.

In 2004 Count Raven reunited and began touring again. They signed to Cyclone Empire Records, who re-released all four Count Raven albums. Each album contains at least one bonus track and extended liner notes. Messiah of Confusion also contains new cover art. In 2006 the band once again split and Fondelius has since hired two new members to continue on under the Count Raven banner.


Current members

  • Dan Fondelius - guitars, keyboards, vocals
  • Fredrik Jansson - bass
  • Jens Bock - drums

Former members

  • Christian Lindersson - vocals
  • Tommy Eriksson - bass
  • Christer Petersson - drums



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