Cosmo Warrior Zero

Cosmo Warrior Zero

is an anime series.

It's the end of the 30th century. Humanity is reaching as far as Andromeda, but the mechanized beings that humanity created become rogue and conquer their creators, enslaving humanity. Those who don't want to suffer their control have fled Earth.

Zero is one of these men. He is a commander of the independent Fleet, what remains of the armed forces of Earth. The war against humanoids left him without family and now his only motivation is to fight the mechanical men, but he receives an order from the supreme commander: to hunt a space pirate called Captain Harlock, who is said to be allied with the mechanical men.

Zero faces a difficult situation, as Harlock was the one who trained him and he only assaults the ships of the mechanical men. Determined to find the truth, Zero accepts the mission.

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