Cosimo I of Tuscany

List of rulers of Tuscany

The rulers of Tuscany have varied over time, sometimes being margraves, the rulers of handfuls of border counties and sometimes the heads of the most important family of the region.

Margraves of Tuscany, 812-1197


These were originally counts of Lucca who extended their power over the neighbouring counties.

House of Arles

These were the (mostly illegitimate) relatives of Hugh of Arles, King of Italy, whom he appointed to their post after removing the original dynasty.


House of Canossa

These were the descendants of the Counts of Canossa.


Unofficial Medici Rulers of Florence, 1434-1531

Medici Dukes of Florence, 1531-1569

Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1569-1737

Habsburg-Lorraine Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1737-1801

Bourbon Kings of Etruria, 1801-1807

Tuscany was annexed by France, 1807-1814. Napoleon's sister Elisa Bonaparte was given the honorary title of Grand Duchess of Tuscany, but did not actually rule over the region.

Habsburg-Lorraine Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1814-1860

Tuscany annexed by Piedmont-Sardinia, 1860

Titular Habsburg-Lorraine claimants, 1860-present

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