Coruna del Conde

Coruña del Conde

Coruña del Conde is a Spanish village and municipality located at the south of Burgos province, Castile-Leon autonomous community, in the Aranda de Duero jurisdiction. Its population is 197. The Arandilla River runs through it.

It contains the ruins of an ancient Muslim castle, later converted for use by Castilian counts, which sits atop a hill that looks over the town. It also contains the Romanesque chapel of Santo Cristo. The village claims to be the venue for the first human flight by air pioneer Diego Marín Aguilera, who was born in the town (a plane was placed by the Spanish Air Force by the castle as a reminder of this claim). It was the birthplace of Bishop Agustín of Popayán, Colombia.

The town is the "heir" to the Roman town Colonia Clunia Sulpicia, one of Hispania's main cities and a conventus iuridicum capital of Hispania Tarraconensis. It is located 2 km away from the village. At Clunia, Emperor Galba was proclaimed emperor by his legions and from there marched to Rome. Stones from the ancient city were used in the construction of important buildings of the area, such as churches, arches, walls, castles or even palaces at Peñaranda de Duero.


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