Correa (plant)

Correa (plant)

Correa is a genus of mainly eastern Australian plants with distinctive bell-shaped flowers. Correa is in the family Rutaceae, and like many in this family the crushed leaves have a distinctive scent. There are ca. 11 species in the genus, though natural hybridisation between the species makes taxonomic relationships within this genus problematic. Because it flowers in December and has a festive red and green appearance, one species has been named Christmas bush, an appellation shared by several Australian plants which bloom around the same time or are festively colored.

The genus correa is named after the Portuguese botanist José Correia da Serra (1750-1823), known as Abbé Correa.


Many hybrids of Correa reflexa are grown in Australian gardens. Correas are generally easy to grow shrubs which prefer a partly shaded spot in the garden. Their flowers lack the fragrances so sought after in their relatives the Boronia.


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