Cornmarket Street, Oxford

Queen Street, Oxford

Queen Street is a shopping street in central Oxford, England. It is one-way (west to east) for buses and taxis, two-way for cyclists outside main shopping hours, and forbidden for cars. It runs west from the centre of Oxford at Carfax. Here it adjoins Cornmarket Street to the north (also pedestrianized), the High Street continuing east, and St Aldate's to the south. It is centred on

At the western end is Bonn Square, named after the German city of Bonn with which Oxford is twinned, and the Westgate Shopping Centre, where the old city gate to the west used to be located. New Inn Hall Street leads north from near here. Close by is the mound of Oxford Castle and the old Oxford Prison.

Many of the city's eastbound buses stop here, and so it is frequently busy with people waiting for their bus. In late 2007, there were a number of crackdowns by the police on cyclists using this street outside the permitted hours, which has been fairly effective at reducing the numbers cycling along it.

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