Coriano is a commune in Rimini province. As of 2007 Coriano had an estimated population of 9,733.


Coriano's origins are ancient: it was an Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman colony; It was also conquered by almost all of the armies fighting in Italy since the XII Century. Therefore it was conquered by the Malatestas, by the Borgias, by the Republic of Venice, by the Spanish armies and by the Pope's troops. In 1528 the Pope donated it to the Sassatelli from Imola in exchange for their help against the Malatestas. In the following cenguries Coriano became an important agricultural area in the Rimini area and the main town of a district comprising six towns: Misano, Monte Colombo, Morciano, Montescudo, San Clemente and Coriano itself).

In September, 1944, during World War II, one of the most deadly battles fought in Italy happened there. Memory of this bloody episode remains, near the town entrance, a cemetery (War Ridge Cememetery), where 1940 fallen soldiers are buried.

Demographic evolution

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  • Coriano (in there: Pedrolara and Passano)
  • Sant'Andrea in Besanigo (in there: Puglie)
  • Ospedaletto (in there: Pian della Pieve, San Patrignano, Fienile, Monte Tauro, Vecciano, Vallecchio, Cavallino)
  • Cerasolo (in there: Cerasolo Ausa)
  • Mulazzano.

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