[koo-rahnt; Fr. koo-rahnt]

(from Latin currere, “to run”) Court dance of the 16th century, fashionable in European ballrooms into the 18th century. It was originally performed with small back-and-forth springing steps, which later became stately glides. Danced to music in quick triple time, the courante followed the allemande and later became part of the musical suite.

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Coranto is also a term used to describe early attempts at newspapers. Beginning around the 14th century, a system developed where letters of news and philosophical discussion would be sent to a central collecting point to be bundled and sent around to the various correspondents. The banking house of Fugger had an organized system of collecting and routing these letters, which often could be seen by outsiders. This system would not die until the 18th century. The term "newspaper" was not coined till 1670. Prior to this a welter terms were used to describe this item including: paper, newsbook, pamphlet, broadsheet, and coranto.

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