Copyright protection in Pakistan

Copyright protection in Pakistan

Copyright protection in Pakistan is a major economic, political and diplomatic issue.

In a country like Pakistan where laws are very difficult to implement, copyright infringment has always been a big question. Considering that fact, it is not difficult to imagine why Pakistan has been on the Special 301 Watch List since 1989.

Legislative response

Pakistan updated its copyright law with amendments in 1992. However, no significant progress against pervasive copyright piracy was made until 1994, when raids against video piracy began. The International Intellectual Property Alliance recommended last year that Pakistan remain on the Watch List, and USTR agreed, while noting "greater efforts to combat copyright piracy".

Copyright on Various Items

Copyright on Garments

Garments also, do not seem to have stayed out of it all. Owners of a prominent garment shop said that whatever the laws may be, no such restrictions can be seen on the garment industry. Also a person who creates something cannot claim his or her property as any garment with minor changes can be said to have evolved into some new garment. This also provides variety, thus a choice to select from different garments. Some are of the opinion that there should be copyright and strict laws of it because it provides identity and security as well as signifies a person’s creative work. Quality will be recognized and respected and this how original makers in the field will have rewards.

Loss estimates due to "piracy"

Motion Pictures: $10 million Sound Recordings and Musical Compositions: $ 5.0 million Computer Programs: Business Software: N/A Entertainment Software: N/A Books: $30.0 million TOTAL LOSSES $45.0+ million

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