Kösener Senioren-Convents-Verband

The Kösener Senioren-Convents-Verband (abbreviation: KSCV) is the oldest association of German and Austrian Studentenverbindungen. It comprises roughly 105 German and Austrian Corps, all of which are based upon the principle of tolerance.


The KSCV had been founded in Jena in 1848 and soon moved its venue to the nearby city of Bad Kösen in the northernmost German wine growing area Saale-Unstrut having its annual meetings at the nearby Rudelsburg. The Kösener monuments commemorate prestigious members of the Corps as well as the many fallen during the wars.

During the 3rd Reich, some member corps of the KSCV refused to exclude Jewish members, which resulted in problems for the KSCV with the German authorities.

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