Contumazá Province

Contumazá Province

Contumazá Province is a province of the Cajamarca Region in Peru.

Political division

The province measures 2,070.33 km2 and is divided into eight districts:
District Mayor Capital Ubigeo
Chilete Arturo Plasencia Castillo Chilete 060502
Contumazá Carlos Alberto Muguerza Alva Contumazá 060501
Cupisnique Tulio Yban Saldaña Gomez Trinidad 060503
Guzmango Hiladio Agapito Loje Calvanapon Guzmango 060504
San Benito N San Benito 060505
Santa Cruz de Toledo Arsenio Wilfredo Plasencia Plasencia Santa Cruz De Toledo 060506
Tantarica Gerardo Gilberto Merino Carrera Catán 060507
Yonán N Tembladera 060508


The capital of the province is the city of Contumazá.


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