Contract killer

I Hired a Contract Killer

I Hired a Contract Killer is a film directed, produced and written by the Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki in 1990. It is a Finnish-British-German-Swedish co-production and stars the renowned French actor Jean-Pierre Léaud. The film also features cameo appearances by Joe Strummer (The Clash) as a guitar player, and by Kaurismäki as a sunglass salesman.


Henri Boulanger (Léaud), a French man in London, is laid-off from his job after fifteen years of service. He tries to commit suicide but as he continuously fails, he decides to hire a hitman (Kenneth Colley) to do the job. Afterwards he meets Margaret (Margi Clarke) and finds new meaning to his life, but the hitman is after him and wants to finish his assignment.


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