Contra octave

First octave

In music theory, the first octave, also called the contra octave, ranges from C1, or about 32.7 Hz, to C2, about 61.7 Hz, in equal temperament using A440 tuning. This is the lowest complete octave of most pianos (excepting the Bösendorfer Imperial Grand), and instruments such as double bass, electric bass, extended-range bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, tuba and sousaphone.

The ability of vocalists to sing competently in the first octave is rare, even for males. A singer who can reach notes in this range is known as a basso profondo, Italian for "deep bass". A Russian bass can also sing in this range, and the fundamental pitches sung by Tibetan monks and the throat singers of Siberia and Mongolia are in this range.

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