continental congress

continental congress

The first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia from September 5th to October 26, 1774; they met in Carpenter's Hall, which was also the seat of the Philadelphia Congress at that time. With the exception of Georgia, each colony sent a delegate to represent the area. The idea was to show a united front against Great Britain, but unfortunately, each colony had a different idea about what that united front was going to represent. Some of the colonies, such as New York and Pennsylvania, wanted a resolution with Great Britain, while other colonies were looking to defend colonial rights; there were even some extremists that were looking to separate at any cost. Though the objectives were not the same in thought nor in action, the leadership at that convention, which consisted of the likes of George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Peyton Randolph, was enough to get a core set of objectives carried out; mainly, that Great Britain needed to listen to and heed the grievances of the American people.

The first few weeks of the convention were filled with numerous debates and discussions, but after the initial settling in period, some real progress was made. After the issues of mistrust among the delegates were abated, the group was almost brought to an agreement about the proposal brought by Joseph Galloway of Pennsylvania, which proposed a group mirroring English parliament be organized in the States to represent the colonies as a whole. There was even to be a person who would act like the king of America, just like the king represented England. Unfortunately, it was rescinded by a narrow margin.

By October 14th, the delegates had reached an agreement of sorts that established the course of Congress, this was called the Declaration and Resolves. It beheld a group of principals that were common to all colonies at that time. On October 20th, the Association was created and it served as a pact to keep the channels of communication open with Great Britain, among other things, and came into effect on December 1, 1774, until such a time as it was rescinded by parliament.

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