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N.Y.H.C. (film)

N.Y.H.C. is a documentary film directed by Frank Pavich about the mid-90’s New York hardcore scene.

The documentary was acquired for distribution by HALO 8 Entertainment in December 2007. Halo-8 is currently planning a March 25, 2008 2-Disc Special Edition for the documentary's first time on DVD. Disc 2 will feature previously unreleased footage including follow-up "Where Are They Now?" interviews shot ten years after the original documentary, live performances of complete songs by Vision of Disorder, Madball, 25 ta Life, 108, District 9, and more, as well as new interviews with Lou Koller (Sick of It All) and Toby Morse (H2O).


One of the few documentaries focusing on hardcore music (as opposed to punk rock), N.Y.H.C. featured seven bands prominent in the mid-90’s scene. A diverse grouping was selected, from Long Island suburbanites to Bronx inner-city youth to Hare Krishna devotees.

Live Performances

The featured bands are:


Interviewees include:

  • Freddy Madball (Madball)
  • Rick ta Life (25 ta Life)
  • Roger Miret (Agnostic Front)
  • John Joseph (Cro-Mags)
  • Lord Ezec (Crown of Thornz)
  • Mike Dijan (Crown of Thornz)
  • Kevin Gill (SFT Records)
  • Barbara Kenngott (SFT Records)
  • Vic DiCara (108)
  • Rasaraja dasa aka Rob Fish (108)
  • Trivikrama dasa (108)
  • Jimmy Gestapo (Murphy's Law)
  • Tommy Rat (Rejuvenate)
  • Dean Miller (No Redeeming Social Value)
  • Vinnie Value (No Redeeming Social Value)
  • Kent Miller (No Redeeming Social Value)
  • Mike Dixon (No Redeeming Social Value)
  • Chris Wynne (In Effect Magazine)
  • Tim Williams (VOD)
  • Mike Kennedy (VOD)
  • Mike Fleischmann (VOD)
  • Brendan Cohen (VOD)
  • Matt Baumbach (VOD)
  • Myke Rivera (District 9)
  • Cesar Ramirez (District 9)
  • Todd Hamilton (District 9)
  • Loki Velasquez (District 9)

Notable in this film is interview footage of Roger Miret while confined to a wheelchair due to a vertebrae injury sustained at a show.

Film Festivals


The N.Y.H.C. Documentary Soundtrack was released in 1996 prior to the film’s release by SFT Records on compact disc. It was intended to help raise funds for the completion of the documentary itself (which was finally completed & released in 1999). This CD featured live tracks as well as interview clips. The featured bands are Madball, 25 ta Life, Vision of Disorder, 108, Crown of Thornz, No Redeeming Social Value and District 9. All tracks were recorded live in the summer of 1995. It is currently out of print.

Track listing

  1. Crown of Thornz - Juggernaut
  2. 25 ta Life - Da Lowdown
  3. Kevin Gill of SFT Records (interview dialogue)
  4. Vision of Disorder - Suffer
  5. Virginia (interview dialogue)
  6. District 9 - Fool
  7. Freddy Madball (interview dialogue)
  8. Madball - New York City
  9. Rasaraja dasa of 108 (interview dialogue)
  10. 108 - Solitary
  11. Vinnie & Dean of NRSV (interview dialogue)
  12. No Redeeming Social Value - New 64
  13. Myke & Todd of Distcict 9 (interview dialogue)
  14. District 9 - Victim
  15. Rick ta Life (interview dialogue)
  16. 25 ta Life - Separate Ways
  17. John Joseph of the Cro-Mags (interview dialogue)
  18. 108 - Holyname
  19. Tim & Brendan of Vision of Disorder (interview dialogue)
  20. Vision of Disorder - Formula for Failure
  21. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front (interview dialogue)
  22. Madball - It's Time
  23. Madball - Crucified (with Roger Miret on Vocals)
  24. Dean & Vinnie of NRSV with Chris of In Effect Magazine (interview dialogue)
  25. No Redeeming Social Value - No Regrets
  26. Tim Williams, Matt Baumbach, Mike Kennedy & Mike Fleischmann of Vision of Disorder (interview dialogue)
  27. Vision of Disorder - D.T.O.
  28. Ezec of Crown of Thornz (interview dialogue)
  29. Crown of Thornz - Crown of Thornz

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