The Shipibo-Conibo are an indigenous people of Perú. With a whole of 20 178 registered individuals, the shipibo-conibo represent 8,42 % of the indigenous registered population. It is necessary to indicate that the information censal does not record the population shipibo-coniba established in the urban areas of Pucallpa and Yarinacocha as part of the entire population of this group. Dear numbers think that at least 600 families shipibo-conibas in the last thirty years have moved from his communities to these urban centers to gain access to better educational services and of health, as well as to look for alternative sources of monetary income.

Also, the information censal has omitted to consider a volume estimated between 3000 and 4000 shipibos, of the communities located on the border of the departments of Loreto and Ucayali. If they were considered to be these population omissions, an entire population would be estimated for this group of 27 000 persons.

The population dears for this group have fluctuated in the last decades between 11 300 persons as minimal volume (Wise and Ribeiro, 1978) to 25 000 individuals, in accordance with the appreciations of Hern (1994). Of the information obtained by Mulberry (1994), from the analysis of the information of the inhabited centers registered in 1981, it was possible to determine a whole of 16 857 shipibo-conibos registered in that year, distributed in 95 communities.

The information censal more recent reveals the existence average of 174 persons for community, being, nevertheless, important differences between the registered communities. 23 establishments have been brought with more than 300 inhabitants, opposite to 12 that 50 persons do not overcome.

The index of masculinity is of 108,8 and 48,7 % of the population an account with less than 15 years of age. Only 1,8 % overcame 64 years of age. The gross valuation of mortality is 21,46 for every 1000 inhabitants.

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