Conceyu Xoven

Conceyu Xoven

Conceyu Xoven ("Young Council" in Leonese) is a Spanish political youth organisation affiliated with Leonese People's Union in León and Zamora demanding the independence of the Leonese Country.

Conceyu Xoven have more than 1,500 members and it's the most important organization in the Leonese Country, winning the University of León elections for students and promoting the Self-Government of the Spanish provinces of León, Zamora, Salamanca and territories from other ones as Valdeorras (Galicia), and the Portuguese District of Bragança.

Members of the movement have participated in various elections in provinces León and Zamora within regionalist UPL lists.

The flag of the movement is a red field with a thin golden circle and a golden device within. The movement also promotes the use of the endangered Leonese language. His General Secretary is Abel Pardo Fernández, City Councillor in León for the Education, New Technologies and Leonese Culture

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