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For the previous U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, see John Maisto.

Maisto is a company that manufactures die-cast models of automobiles, aircraft, and a number of Tonka products. The company is based in California and their products are made in China and Thailand. Maisto creates 1:12, 18 scale, 1:24, 1:25, 1:27, 1:43, 1:31 and 1:64 scale models. The models are based on vehicles that are popular today. In 2005, Maisto acquired the assets of Bburago, another scale model manufacturer who went bankrupt.

1:64 scale Maisto die-cast models are aimed at the lower end of the market and do not offer the same level of detail that other die-cast model manufacturers like Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning do. However, Maisto is quite popular in the market due to the excellent value for money their products offer and because Maisto makes models of several popular cars.

Maisto has a line of die-cast cars called AllStarz which feature custom rims, special paint jobs, lowered suspension and upgraded in-car entertainment systems. Another line called Pro Rodz uses the same features - except that the models consist of classic American muscle cars. Both lines are directly in competition with Jada Toys' Dub City and Big Time Muscle lines.

Product Lineup

Collector Vehicles

  • Special Edition - Mid-range vehicle replicas. 1:18 scale models are mounted on plastic display stand.
  • Premiere Edition - High-end vehicle replicas with clear plastic casing over display stand.
  • Assembly Line - Ready-to-build die-cast vehicles. Includes Ferrari models.
  • GT Racing - Replicas of race cars from the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (German Touring Car Championship) and 24 Hours of Le Mans series.
  • AllStars - Scale replica vehicles with lowered suspension, larger wheels, custom interiors and special paint jobs. Formerly marketed as Playerz.
  • AllStars Red - Target-exclusive lineup, which consists of 100 different models.
  • Pro Rodz - American muscle cars with custom wheels, interior and paint jobs. Some 1:18 and 1:24 models are also available as assembly kits.
  • Pro Rodz Pro Street - American muscle cars modified with larger engines and thicker tires for drag racing.
  • Motorcycles - Lineup consists of Harley-Davidsons, MotoGP racers, Vespa scooters, stock motorcycles and the Dodge Tomahawk Concept Bike.
  • Wild Rides - Custom choppers with matching helmets.
  • Tour de Maisto - 1:12 scale replica bicycles.
  • Hummer World - Maisto's exclusive lineup of Hummer vehicles.
  • Tonka Classic - Replicas of classic Tonka vehicles.
  • Chuck & Friends - 3" cartoon vehicles that are part of the Tonka Collection.
  • Fresh Metal - Power Racers - 4.5" die-cast vehicles with pull-back motors.
  • Fresh Metal - Tailwinds - 1:87 die-cast historic and modern-era military helicopters and airplanes. Plastic stand with aircraft name included.
  • Gascaps - Super-deformed vehicles, similar to Jada Toys' Chub City line.
  • TLUGZ - 1:24 scale plastic vehicles with 2 1/2" block character figures.

Radio-Controlled Vehicles

  • Custom R/C Shop - Radio-controlled versions of AllStars and Pro Rodz vehicles.
  • Street Troopers: Mobilized Attack Vehicles - R/C vehicles that can transform into attack modes and fire foam projectiles.

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