Computer Law and Security Report

Computer Law and Security Report

The Computer Law & Security Report is a journal accessible to a wide range of professional legal and IT practitioners, businesses, academics, researchers, libraries and organisations in both the public and private sectors, the Computer Law and Security Report regularly covers:

  • CLSR Briefing with special emphasis on UK/US developments
  • European Union update
  • National news from 10 European jurisdictions
  • Pacific rim news column
  • Refereed practitioner and academic papers on topics such as Web 2.0, IT security, Identity management, ID cards, RFID, interference with privacy, Internet law, telecoms regulation, online broadcasting, intellectual property, software law, e-commerce, outsourcing, data protection and freedom of information and many other topics.

The Journal's Correspondent Panel includes more than 40 specialists in IT law and security - between them offering expert analysis on all aspects of this fast moving field of law - spotting trends, highlighting practical concerns, monitoring new problems, and outlining key developments.

Each issue contains well-researched reliable and thought provoking articles, case law analysis and current news - ensuring that you do not miss out on the emerging issues worldwide and that you understand the problems of managing the legal and security requirements of information and communications technology.

Special Features

  • High quality peer reviewed papers from internationally renowned practitioner and academic experts
  • Latest developments reported in situ by more than 20 leading law firms from around the world
  • Highly experienced and respected editor and correspondents panel
  • Online access to all 23 volumes of CLSR with embedded web links to primary sources
  • Contact details of all authors
  • A pool of expertise that can collectively identify the key topics that need to be examined.

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