Community Air

Community Air

Community Air is a non-profit resident association in the city of Toronto, Canada that seeks to have the Toronto City Centre Airport shut down. The association is concerned about noise and pollution from the airport and how it impacts on nearby condos and parks.


Critics of Community Air have pointed out that the Gardiner Expressway, situated on the city's shoreline, contributes over 48,000 times more pollution than does the Island airport (Source: Report on Toronto's Waterfront).

They have also pointed out that Porter's aircrafts, which are Q400's are one of the quietest models to date (the Q standing for 'quiet') and that the noise pollution were not as loud as what they have claimed.


In 2006 the Toronto Port Authority launched a lawsuit against Community Air, claiming it had defamed individual board members and the publicly funded agency.

On May 2, 2007, the lawsuit was dropped after Community Air issued an unconditional apology.

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