Communist Labour League of Sweden

Communist Labour League of Sweden

The Sveriges Kommunistiska Arbetarförbund (Communist Labour League of Sweden) was formed in 1956 by a group of stalinist hardliners who left or were expelled from the SKP during the 1950s. This group had earlier formed "marxist circles", in which some SKP militants participated secretly. The group was headed by Set Persson, a famous communist from Stockholm who had left SKP at the party congress in 1953.

SKA started publishing the magazine Revolt. SKA defended Stalin and criticized the new Soviet regime under Nikita Khrushchev. They criticized SKP for what they considered as "populism". But the group also expressed some criticism over the human rights situation within the Eastern Bloc.

In 1958, SKA tried to launch their own list of candidates for the municipal elections in Stockholm, but failed to get any seats. Persson died in 1960. After his death he group almost disappeared but continued to exist until 1967. SKA never played any role in Swedish politics, but the organizational experiences of the people who were active in SKA became important for the later generation of leftists, such as the KFML.

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