communion: see Eucharist; Lord's Supper.
Communion is a polyvalent term. Though not Christian-specific, the term "communion" has several denotations within the Christian traditions. It may refer to:

  • Communion (Christian), the relationship between Christians as individuals or Churches
  • Full communion is a term used when two (or more) distinct Christian Churches say they are sharing the same communion.
  • Impaired Communion
  • The Communion of Saints, a doctrine of Christianity mentioned in the Apostles' Creed
  • A group of related Christian churches or denominations
  • The Eucharist, the rite that Christians perform in fulfillment of Jesus' instruction to do in memory of him what he did at his Last Supper
  • The Communion rite, that part of the Eucharistic rite in which the consecrated bread and wine are distributed to participants
  • Communion (chant), the Gregorian chant that accompanies this rite
  • Closed communion is the practice of restricting the communion to members of a particular church or congregation.
  • Open communion is the practice of allowing members of other churches to share communion.

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