Commonwealth Nations

Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships

The Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships are held in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games.

2002 Manchester

The first Championships were held in Manchester, England. The event was held at Whitworth Hall, part of the University of Manchester, from 15–20 July 2002.

The participating nations and competitors in the first Championships were:

  • - Sydney Christian, Duncan Finch, Al James, Errol James and Junia Nibbs.
  • - Ishmael Del Monte, George Gasper, Paul Marston and Bob Richman.
  • - Leslie Atherley, Colin Depradine, Michael Gill, Roglyn Hinds, Charles Hollingsworth and Alan Moss.
  • - John Glynn, Vera Petty, Roman Smolski, David Sykes and Sally Sykes.
  • - Keith Balcombe, Gordon Campbell, Judith Gartaganis and Nicholas Gartaganis.
  • - Michelle Brunner, David Burn, Brian Callaghan, Rhona Goldenfield, David Mossop and David Price.
  • - Margaret Allen, Mike Allen, Rudi Falla, Andy Hall, Dick Langham and Jill Morgan.
  • - Amina Beepat, Dennis Beepat, Ramdat Rampersaud and Colin Yhap.
  • - C R Bandrinath, Sunit Choksi, R Krishnan, P Sridharen, S Sundarraman and K R Venkataraman.
  • - Harry Beere, Andy Elliot, Robin Hicks, John Large, Tag O'Mahoney, John Stewart and Geoffrey Whittaker.
  • - Wayne Chai-Chong, Michael Coore, Rex James, David Levy, Tony Roberts and Calvin Wong.
  • - David Friswell, Carl Harrison, David Hole, Marion Miles, Sue Rankin and Douglas Romain.
  • - K V Bhatt, Rita Chandra, Sushil Chandra and R C Sharma.
  • - Siew Heng Chang, Siew Kwan Chang, Dr Teong Wah Lim and David Law.
  • - Oliver Clare, Francis Consiglio, Joan Consiglio, Mario Dix, Irene Naudi, Margaret Parnis and Albert Sacco.
  • - Farouk Ghaws, Balkrishna Gokulsing, Chabilal Gokulsing, Herve Govinden, Nandansing Hurpaul, Brigitte Ribet and Garry Lam Po Tang.
  • - Ceara Burns, Michael Coffrey, John Lavery, Ian Lindsay, John Murchan and Robert Plunkett.
  • - Johnson Cenac, Dr George Forde, Hon Dr Walter Francois, Enrico Lewis, Hon Mario Michel and Dexter Theodore.
  • - Charles Outred, Vi Outred, Les Steel and Willie Whittaker.
  • - Changsong Chen, Steven Chi, Aik Koan Heng, Kuo Tang Liao, Feng Li and Likun Xing.
  • - Alon Aptekter, Wayne Chu, Bernard Donde, Duggie Ettlinger, Craig Gower and Glen Holman.
  • - Y R Karunartne, Asabthade Mel, Fritz Penera and Anton Selvananyagam.
  • - Mahen Gandhi, Sulemanji Girnary, Sajal Rakhit, Sajjad Salehebai and Satiss Soochak.
  • - David Clarke, Trevor Hart, Roger Mapp, Mohan Seepersad and Dean Seeteram.
  • - Joseph Almeida, Rajan Dixit, V Mohan, Bharti Popat and Suru Popat.
  • - Adam Dunn, Peter Goodman, Dafydd Jones, Gary Jones, Jim Luck, Filip Kurbalija and Tim Rees.
  • - Michael Bourdillon, Andrew Brooke, Gail Cameron, Leif-Erik Stabell and Vanessa Vos.

Canada defeated Wales for the gold medal. India captured the bronze medal.

2006 Murrumbeena

The second Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships were held in Murrembeena, Victoria, Australia from 7–12 March 2006.

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